The typical Italian dish that has managed to conquer the whole world is, without a doubt, pizza. Who can resist sharing a piece with friends or family? It turns out that cutting the pizza into portions is a mistake that the vast majority of us make. Discover the reasons and enjoy its flavor twice!

What would the world do without pizza? Food that satisfies even the most demanding palate. Big, small, round, square, thick or thin… They come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors. It is the ideal dish to share with friends or family, either at home or in specialized restaurants. Thus, eating pizza in pieces has practically become a tradition.



Since its inception, pizza has been eaten walking down the street and with your hands. Eating it with cutlery is a recent addition that, in the opinion of many, spoils its traditional sense. With your hands and walking! But this does not mean that it should be eaten in pieces, but that the quintessential way is to fold it or fold it into four parts. Neapolitan pizzas are thinner and have few ingredients, making them easier to eat individually and folded.

A technique is known as “portafoglio” consists of folding the pizza in four: first in half and then folding it again in half so that it is in the shape of a triangle.



Although it may seem silly, eating pizza using this method makes the pleasure even greater. We tell you the benefits:

  • Tomato in the center. Folding the pizza keeps the tomato in the center so it doesn’t spill over the sides. Thus, we avoid unwanted stains on our clothes.
  • Ingredients on your site. Also, it makes the ingredients stay in place and do not fall, making the most of its flavor.
  • Greater flavor. With pizza in portions, the ingredients tend to fall as we eat, so that at some point we find ourselves tasting only the dough.
  • From less to more. When folding the pizza, we start eating the pizza around the edges until we reach the middle, avoiding burns with the hottest ingredients that are usually in the middle.

However, this technique is only valid for pizzas that are thin enough. That is to say, the traditional Neapolitan pizza since when the dough is thicker to fold it is impossible. The same happens if we recharge the dough with many ingredients: it will not be possible to apply it either. Or, at least, it is not with the benefits that we have explained to you.