Wheel-alignment-queens-nyYou are taking your car in for its regular maintenance. That’s when the mechanic tells you it needs a wheel alignment. The standard question is “Why?” Wheel alignments can be costly. Look into the reasons why you need this alignment. Have you driven over bumpy, uneven roads? Did you hit a lot of potholes? Then you probably need a wheel alignment.

What exactly is wheel alignment? It is when the wheels of the car are perpendicular to the road and are parallel to each other. When the tyres are aligned, they work more efficiently. They will last longer and wear evenly. Your car will corner and handle better and there will be less wear on the tyres.

There are 3 main angles that technicians measure to make sure that the wheels are aligned properly; the caster, the camber and the toe. The caster is the straight ahead feature that expresses itself when the steering wheel goes back after making a turn. The camber is the tilting in or out of the top of the tire. If the toe’s alignment is incorrect, the tyres tend to wear unevenly. If these do not measure to factory specifications, then the outside or the inside edge of the tire tread wears away. It may become so severe that the steel belts begin to show. This means that you will need to replace 2 to 4 of the tires. To help prevent this edge wear, have the tires rotated every other oil change and if they are misaligned, then have the them aligned accordingly.

Another important feature of correct wheel alignment is saving fuel and therefore saving you money. With uneven pressure, the tyres push against each other, causing uneven friction and more resistance to the road. Your car has to worker harder to move forward and wastes fuel. Fuel not only costs you more money, it also hurts the environment. By having your wheels aligned properly, you are doing a small part to save the environment.

You want to feel safe in your car. Automobiles with poor wheel alignment tend to pull to one side. This can be dangerous to your safety. It causes problems in the steering system. Poorly aligned tyres also affect the suspension of your car. Think about driving on wet, icy roads. You are taking an unnecessary risk with the lives of people over the cost of a wheel alignment.

There are two types of alignment; the Front Wheel Alignment which aligns only the front tyres and the Four Wheel Alignment which does all four wheels. When you purchase all new tires, it is better to get all four wheels aligned so that the tyres do not start to wear out unevenly. If you are just rotating your tyres, have the technician test the measurements and trust his judgment.

Kismet Mechanical was founded in 2005 as a taxi service.  They have a 24/7 service for all of your car repair needs and wheel alignment in Sydney. They service all major brands of automobiles with guaranteed results. While your car is being repaired, Kismet Mechanical will provide a courtesy car while services are done on your automobile. They have the exclusive 3D laser wheel alignment machine.

Wheel alignment is one of the most overlooked maintenance costs for car owners. Having properly aligned tyres improves steering, enhances braking ability, improves the fuel usage of your car and improves the life span of your tyres. You will improve the life of your car, the environment and safety of the occupants of your vehicle.