Carefully considering the location of your tankless water heater is an integral part of the installation because it affects the heater’s efficiency. This means that putting your tankless water heater in a good location will ensure that the water remains hot for a longer time. Even better, you will enjoy placing your tankless water heater at the right spot during winter and other cold seasons. This and many other reasons will be considered in this article.

Why It Is Important To Consider Where To Install Your Tankless Water Heater - water heater, tankless, location, laundry area, kitchen, gas supply, furnace, bathroom

Why should you consider where to put your tankless water heater?

  • To maintain water temperature.

Keeping your tankless water heater in an apt and warm location will mean that the water temperature is adequately maintained. This will prevent the hot water from getting cold. This means you can enjoy the water as you like without the fear of your water heater releasing cold water in place of hot water.

  • Prevent water wastage.

Also, the nearer the location of your tankless water heater to the area of use, the lesser the amount of water wasted. Therefore, you can reduce water usage by ensuring that your tankless water heater is strategically placed near the bathroom and other locations.

Where to install your tankless water heater

Taking enough time to decide where to place your tankless water heater is the best way to choose correctly. So, assessing different locations is the best way to know the perfect place for your water heater.

A tankless water heater is moderately small in size, and as such, it does not require a large storage area. It can fit under the stair, closets, and other such places.

Though a tankless water heater should be installed inside, you can still install it outside; you will just need to protect it from direct sunlight, debris, and insects. Aside from these factors, it is equally important that you install your tankless water heater in a location where it cannot freeze during winter.

Frozen water can affect your tankless water heater, and it can even cause a lot of damage to the system, which will cost you money.

Things to consider when selecting where to install your tankless water heater

  • Use the old location for the previous water heater.

Placing your tankless water heater in the location where you had the old one can be a good option if you enjoyed the previous heater. A lot of benefits come with this option. First, you can enjoy optimal water supply like before, and even better, you can reduce the installation fee since what is required now is more like a reconnection. Second, since there is an existing hot water line and gas and water supplier, all you have to do is change the venting to accommodate your new tankless water heater.

  • Consider the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area.

When choosing a place to put your tankless water heater, you should consider the locations where water is needed. This way, you can prevent poor water flow. When the place is unreasonably far, the amount of time required to carry the water to where it is needed may affect the water temperature.

  • Consider the location of the furnace and gas supply.

If you have a furnace, consider it when deciding the best location for your tankless water heater. This is because the two get gas supply from a single gas line. If the two are placed closer to each other, there may be inconveniences. Your heater will often allow the furnace to have a gas supply. This may result in its failure to produce hot water.

Another problem that can result from keeping the two close is that the gas supply may not even be enough because more gas will be required for the two to work simultaneously.

  • Look for an accessible location.

Keeping your tankless water heater in a tight place may not be the best option, even though the heater is small in size. You should consider that you will need to repair or service it once in a while, and a tight place will be uncomfortable for the plumber to work.

Also, there is a need for the heater to be a little free as well. The water outlet must not touch the combustibles. Keep a minimum of 24 inches between the outlet and the combustibles. Hence, spacious storage is required to keep a tankless water heater despite its small size; however, this does not mean an extensive area is required to keep your tankless water heater, just something reasonable.

  • Consider the electrical box.

Understand that water movement in the tankless water heater can cause water dripping, which is dangerous if the water touches the electrical box. So when looking for a location for your heater, it is recommended to keep it far away from the electrical box.

  • Keep it out of reach of children.

You must keep your tankless water heater in a location where children can’t easily touch it. Even if you are still single or without kids, you should consider the safety of your neighbor’s or visitor’s children. The electrical sub-panel of the water heater and the outline water pipe can be dangerous for kids.

  • Consider applicable laws.

There are applicable laws regarding tankless water heater installation; you will need to take proper cognizance of that before installation. In this regard, getting a plumber who is expected to have requisite knowledge regarding this is advisable.


When thinking about getting a tankless water heater, the ultimate concern is not usually the price. This system is not expensive due to the condensing technology; a good location is a top priority. If installed in a good location, you will enjoy your water heater better, and you won’t have to go through the stress of adjusting the temperature or reinstallation. It is important to consider both safety and convenience when making this decision. Whether you need to install a new tankless water heater or change the location of an existing one, these experts here have got you covered.