Photos are not just pixels on your camera film or phone’s gallery. Photos preserve moments for the rest of our life. Your grandparents might have just a few photos to remember their life by. My grandmother once said, “You can work hard your life for money, but at the end of the day, only good moments and memories stay with you.” Photos are a way of capturing these moments and keeping them as reminders of good times.

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What Makes Photo Albums Much More Satisfactory Than Digital Photos?

In today’s world that evolves every day, more and more digital media takes over; somewhere along the way, we lost touch with tradition. Your parents will have photo albums from their younger days while you have selfies and snapshots of your favourite moments on the little device in your hand. Both serve the same purpose, but why do hardcopy photos in photo albums feel much more nostalgic than digital images?

There is something so wholesome and homely about preserving photos in a photo album. You might lose the data on your phone, but you will carry your photo album through every stage of life forever. Photo albums are a lost art that needs to be brought back; here are some reasons.

Get Them Customised However You Like.

Photo albums are books that give you various opportunities to get creative. You get to choose the cover of your album, the material, whether you want anything written on the cover, whether you want it glossy or matte, the size of the book, the number of pages, etc. Photo albums from bonusprint  provide you with all types of photo album customisation that you might want to explore. Bonusprint has covered you whether you want a leather or a photo cover. You will keep your albums for a long time and present them to friends and families, so better make them presentable and colourful.

Choose The Images You Want To Add.

Your camera roll must be full of more than two to three thousand images. Out of all these disorganised and messy images, it is hard to easily find an image that will make you smile. However, in photo albums, you have all your top favourite images sorted and attached on pages in a disciplined way. You don’t have to fish through your gallery to find an image of great sentimental value.

Your Photos Stay With You Forever.

Your digital images might be at risk as many mishaps could erase your data from your phone. Even backed-up data can be lost in case of damage to your devices. It would be a shame to lose your valued images due to a sloppy mistake.

Photo albums, however, stick with you forever. Years from now, your favourite photos are just one box away.

An Investment You Won’t Regret.

Photo albums might cost you more than clicking photos on your phone but investing in a photo album is something you will never regret. It is an investment your older self will be thanking you for. Photos preserve memories even when your mind gets foggy and you cannot remember important and sentimental moments.