As we notice, the most common color of a lightsaber is blue. Yet we have seen colors like red and green in the lightsabers. But has this question ever appeared in your mind- why are Sith lightsabers red?

You already know that a red lightsaber symbolizes the Sith if you are a fan. However, as Sith cannot share their energy directly with Kyber crystals, they have to build their lightsabers by conducting a different procedure.

When you look at the Sith lightsaber, you will see that it looks like blood is coming out from the crystal. And that’s because the process used to create these lightsabers is comprehended as “bleeding.” This procedure ejects all the negative emotions and dark sides into the crystal, forcing it to “bleed” and turn red.

However, there are more converse explanations to it. We have found it all and gathered it for you. Let’s see what we have found out!

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Why Are Sith Lightsabers Red?

You will find different unique and good quality lightsabers in different colors in the market. Among them, red is a representation of aggression, vulnerability, and evil. As we already said, one of the reasons is that as the Sith make their lightsabers using a different way, by pouring all the dark and evil emotions into the crystals to force it, it looks like blood is coming out of the lightsaber. So as a result, it appears to be red.

However, we found other reasons that state different judgments. In the Star Wars Expanded Universe, we saw that the Sith had to use synthetic kybers as they couldn’t force and activate Kyber crystals. The reason was that they could not share a bond with their Sith lightsaber crystals like the Jedi.

The color of their synthetic kybers was red, as a result, the lightsabers turned out to be red. As a result, we can see Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Kylo Ren using the red-colored Sith lightsaber.

Another reason is it’s an undertaking of tradition. The Sith use red blades as a mark of their sin, even though they can also use other colors. Some say that the crystals are stolen from Jedi’s and then “tortured” to become corrupted and glow red, to reflect the Sith’s rage and anger.

Sith red lightsaber meaning: each of the lightsabers colors shares a strong association with the user’s identity. The Sith used red lightsabers because they had poured all their negative energies into the crystal to activate it. A red lightsaber symbolizes their unity and dedication to the dark side of the Force.

The Sith use red lightsabers to symbolize their hastiness, yearning for control, excessive vanity, and levels of narcissism. Sith lightsabers in the color red represent that they are brave and unable to be restrained. It also showcases their wildness and fearless characteristics.

How Sith Lightsabers Are Made?

The construction of the Sith lightsabers undergoes a procedure called bleeding to pour all the dark emotions into it. To make these lightsabers, different negative emotions like rage, hate, fear, and pain are poured into the kyber crystals.

After the bleeding process, the crystals get crimson or red, making the lightsaber look bleeding. Even though a Sith lightsaber can be made using any kyber crystals, Sith used to believe that only capturing a kyber crystal from a Jedi lightsaber can be appropriate to use.

A Sith lightsaber comes in different unique designs and lengths, even materials. For instance, Darth Vader’s lightsaber was made of alloy metal and carbon composite with a 28 centimeters hilt length.

On the other hand, Darth Sidious had a standard-hilt in his red lightsaber. Again, Sith lightsabers can also be double-bladed like Darth Maul’s one.

Do Sith Always Have Red Lightsabers?

No, the Sith can use any colored lightsabers. But they began to use red crystals in their lightsabers from the Old Sith Empire. The earliest and first use of a red lightsaber was actually by Karness Muur. He was a Knight of the Jedi Order, but later, he became a Dark Jedi because he craved power.

After that, several Dark Jedi used red lightsabers, which later spread to the Sith followers. When it became more widespread, the red lightsabers were labeled for Darksiders as a recognition.

A Sith always wants the element of intimidation, so they used the red blade as an identification of power and fierceness. But they use red lightsabers only when they want to. So many Sith didn’t use red lightsabers.

Do Any Sith Have Non Red Lightsabers?

Yes, a lot of them have non-red lightsabers. For instance, Anakin Skywalker Dark Vader didn’t have time to bleed in his crystal. So he used his blue lightsaber during his Jedi purge in order 66.

Again, if you notice in Star Wars Legends, you will see that the Sith LordDarth Krayt used a green-bladed lightsaber because it was his father’s weapon. However, he had a red lightsaber with him as well.

Are you wondering if a Sith never used a red lightsaber? Well, there is. The Sith is Exar Kun. He used a dual-bladed dark blue lightsaber embedded by the dark side energy.

Another Sith lord Warbnul had a double-bladed lightsaber with a crimson main blade and a green second blade.

Can Jedi Use Red Lightsabers?

There is no reason a Jedi couldn’t use a red lightsaber. The Jedi disapproved of red lightsabers, but they didn’t completely ban them. A few Jedi used red-bladed lightsabers, but then blue and green lightsabers became popular.

But as red lightsabers were associated with the Sith and those represented their dark energy, the Jedi chose not to use red lightsabers, which stuck to their preference.

Is The Red Lightsaber Evil?

Yes, red is the significance of the dark sides of Sith. The lightsabers channel their energy through a kyber crystal depending on the individual’s energy. So the dark sides of Sith are poured into the red lightsabers making those look like they are bleeding.

We Are Done!

You already know precisely why are Sith lightsabers red. Their dark energies are represented through the red color of their lightsabers. The process named “bleeding” is required to activate their crystals by their energy.

The dark sides of Sith fuel the saber, turning it red. But many Sith used other colored lightsabers even though red is the signature color for them to use as a lightsaber. On the other hand, Jedi can use a red lightsaber too, but they chose not to, representing the Sith.