Mediterranean interior design is a fusion of cultural influences across Europe. It captivates the feeling of gorgeous coastal landscapes, namely Greece, Spain and Italy. Reflecting culture and lifestyle in these areas, Mediterranean design is saturated in vibrant colours and rustic textures, and exudes a warm, inviting ambience.

Reflecting a rich history rooted in ancient civilisations, this design celebrates the diversity of culture in Europe. If you’re looking to understand more about the cultural significance of Mediterranean design and  introduce it to your home, keep reading.

What is Mediterranean Interior Design? - tips, Mediterranean, interior design, home

Cultural Influence

Mediterranean interior design is a reflection of the diverse cultures that have thrived around the Mediterranean Sea throughout history and blends style elements from various ancient civilisations, including Greek, Roman Moorish and Spanish. It embraces a harmonious mix of earthy materials and indulgent colour palettes that will bring you nostalgia for sun-soaked landscapes and seaside villas.

Whether you’re decorating inside the Mediterranean or looking to bring a bit of sunshine and olive oil into your home, you can easily achieve the light, breezy feeling of this decor.


Like many other interior designs, the walls are a crucial way to set the tone in your Mediterranean themed home. Wallpaper should be avoided where possible, as it has a curated feeling that doesn’t fit the tone. Opt instead for warm, earthy colours inspired by the namesakes’ landscapes, such as sandy beiges, terracotta oranges and deep sea blues.

Textured finishes can elevate this look to the next level, using stucco, Venetian plaster or faux finishes to add depth and visual interest. Embellish your walls with decorative elements such as arches or exposed brickwork to create a feeling of old-world charm and authenticity.

For wall art, try finding a collection of plates or bowls to display. Alternatively, if you can source artwork from any of the prominent nations that make up this design – that can be a great option too. You could even find restaurant signs or photographs of the location you’re drawing the most inspiration from.

What is Mediterranean Interior Design? - tips, Mediterranean, interior design, home


Wood flooring and carpet are not common across this coastal region of Europe, so if you’re looking to implement this style it is much more fitting to opt for tile. Luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) come with authentic-looking stone patterns which will take your mind straight to the streets of Greece.

You can take more of a leap with your flooring, as intricate designs are not uncommon in these areas. This is another reason to consider LVTs as they come in a wide variety of patterns.

Will Mediterranean Design Stay in Fashion?

This interior design style is one that is connected to some of the most documented ancient history on the planet. The inherent connection to history, celebration of natural elements and warm, inviting ambience has had holidaymakers returning to these countries endlessly for just a further taste of that summer sun. Likewise, your home can be a pocket of this feeling, a sense of warmth that never grows old.

While Mediterranean style may adapt over the years, core elements of this design have been proven to outlast many other trends.