Winter is coming, so it’s time to turn the crank your heat up and snuggle inside. Unfortunately, some people may have some issues with their heaters and furnaces during this time of year, a major inconvenience. Furnaces lie dormant for entire seasons, so it’s no wonder that they may not work properly on occasion. One of the most annoying problems with heating a home is uneven heat distribution. Some rooms become way too overheated while others receive little to no heat at all. So what exactly causes this annoying problem?

What Is Causing Uneven Heat Distribution in Your House? - vents, house, houme, heat, furnace, filter, distribution, airflow


The first and most obvious reason why your home has uneven heat distribution could be the furnace itself. If your furnace is old and on its last leg, it may run into some problems evenly distributing heat to your home. Even if the furnace isn’t old, there may be some fault or flaw in the heater that causes it to unevenly distribute heat. Unfortunately, replacing a furnace can be expensive, so you will want to be absolutely positive that it is the heater itself causing the problem and not something else. If you can’t afford to buy a new heater, then it may be cheaper just to have your current one repaired by a furnace service company.


One of the most common problems that lead to uneven heat distribution is dirty and damaged filters. Filters are an important part of heating, as they greatly aid in circulating airflow. This means that if your filters become dirty or damaged, then airflow could potentially be blocked. That’s why it is important that you check your home’s filters regularly. If the filter needs replacing then you should find a new one as soon as possible. This can be an easy fix to your problem, being much cheaper than other options.


Another easy fix to your uneven heat distribution could be opening the vents in your home. Closing certain vents in rooms can lead to some uneven heat distribution throughout the home. Ensure that all vents in the home are open and air is freely flowing through them. Some people might not even be aware of where their vents are and may have accidentally blocked them with furniture or another object. Simply locate all the vents in your home and ensure that they are all open and unblocked and your heat distribution throughout your house will be more even.

Improve Airflow

Although this isn’t the most desirable fix, sometimes you need to leave openings in order for air to properly flow throughout your house. Sometimes homes are structured in such a way that heat just can’t be properly distributed without some help. To solve this problem, you may have to leave doors open in certain rooms in order to aid in airflow. Although this certainly isn’t the ideal solution for those that value privacy in individual rooms, it could be a simple fix to get around a poorly designed home structure.