Golf is often thought of as a gentleman’s sport, associated with exclusivity and tradition – from the diamond-patterned sweaters worn by players, to the many items of golfing equipment required to play, (which more than likely includes numerous clubs, tees, swing path calculators and spare golf trolley batteries from

The sport has now reached a much wider audience, with champion golfers like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy becoming household names. They say you learn from the best, so read on to discover how five great golfers and their skills can improve your game…

5.Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan was known for his amazing swing and won three major championships in 1953. His secret? Well, actually it’s not so secret. Everyone knew that Ben Hogan put a lot of thought and effort into his swing technique and he never ceased practicing. It seems as though practice really does make perfect.

4.Tiger Woods

Another golfer obsessed with his swing technique, Tiger Woods strongly advocates the importance of improving on your swing and working out what’s best for you. Over his career, he’s changed his approach as he’s evolved as a player. Ironically, at the beginning of his career, Woods swung with a closed clubface, and he’s recently started doing it again – coming full-circle with his swing technique. It just goes to show that even the best sportsmen are constantly learning and improving their technique.

3.Jim Furyk

The golfer credits his dad with everything he knows and always returns to his dad’s advice when a game isn’t going his way. He recently shared one of these tips with, explaining: “Never — never! — change the speed of your swing to add or subtract yards.” Instead, he suggests changing the club or adjusting your choke on the grip.

2.Rory McIlroy

The Northern Irish golfer credits a change in his fitness levels with his sudden rise to the top. He told Men’s Health recently how he strengthened his weak side and overall body muscle with exercises like dumbbell presses and split squats. He switched to a healthy diet and started going to the gym four times a week, which has improved his fitness levels and given him a more powerful swing.

1.Paul Casey

Young golfers can learn from British champion Paul Casey, who warns against players having ‘too much tension in their body, arms and wrists’ when trying to execute a powerful swing. It’s a common mistake, but Casey says that by relaxing and having a very light grip, you’ll achieve a ‘wide, full and rhythmic swing’. Sounds good to us!Paul Casey after an eagle on the 18th at Irish Open

Golf players are often asked for tips for amateur players, so taking steps to improve your game shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s a sport of great skill and precision, but it’s also about health, fitness and determination.