Buying good shoes isn’t just for vanity, but it’s an investment in good foot health. There’s nothing better than walking in shoes that feel good, and make you look good. But how do you figure out the good kind of shoes to buy?

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There are some important but often neglected tips to follow when buying new footwear. Before you go on and check out new shoes using our special promo code, read on to know more about getting the right fit for you.

Do Shoe Shopping In The Afternoon

Fun fact: our feet expand during the day so it is best to go shoe shopping in the afternoon to make sure that you have the right fit, and your shoes won’t pinch your feet during the day.

Fit The Shoes Using The Socks You Intend To Use With It

This is a common mistake that many people make and it often leads to discomfort and inconvenience. If the shoes you are buying require you to wear socks, then wear the pair that you intend to use with it. That way, you can already gauge the allowance you need counting in the presence of socks.

Some shoes require thick socks while others work better with thin ones. Just remember which pair of socks go with which pair of shoes because using the wrong pair may lead to discomfort.

Walk Around And Get A Feel

Don’t be shy to walk around the fitting room or area to get a feel of the shoes. Is it snug? Is the space allowance just right? Is the sole not causing you to slip? Do you feel any muscle strain when walking? Ask yourself these questions when you fit your shoes and do a test walk.

Be Flexible With Size

There’s nothing wrong with sizing up and sizing down. Each brand has their own sizing guide, which may cause you to change sizes due to the differences. You may be a size 7 in Brand A, but you may also be a size 8 in Brand B. Trust your own judgement and go with what fits comfortably.

Know The Brand

Going for a good brand is a must. Not all good brands are expensive, but there is a reason why the price is high. It’s because of the quality of materials they use on their products, and the craftsmanship that goes into every finished pair. Good brands strive to deliver customer satisfaction, and to achieve that, their products must be able to give what the customer wants.

When it comes to shoes, good brands aim to deliver the highest level of comfort, the feeling of walking on clouds with how comfortable the shoes are. On top of comfort, they also value aesthetics because shoes are important fashion items, and it’s a must for them to look good and compliment the outfit.

Get Your Right Fit

Always be mindful when purchasing new footwear. You might think not a lot of thought goes into it, but you don’t want to waste money later when you’re regretting your decision because of a slip or a blister.

Up for some shoe shopping? Treat your feet and get a new pair using promo code. Happy shopping!