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Pedestrians must be careful at all times to avoid being hit by a car. A pedestrian must follow all traffic signs and signals. While most drivers do everything they possibly can to look out for pedestrians, some drivers are negligent and cause serious injuries or even a death. Injured pedestrians should take action right away to ensure a lawyer protects their rights and best interests as they pursue compensation.

Understanding the Benefits of Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

When a pedestrian is hit by a car, serious injuries often result, including broken bones, head injuries, and spinal cord damage. Once an injured victim discovers they need a pedestrian lawyer, they must know the benefits and be prepared to take action.

  • Pedestrian injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of the law. The average victim knows little about their rights or the laws that govern those rights. When a victim has a knowledgeable lawyer working on their side, they are more likely to receive sound guidance for the process.
  • The lawyer will immediately go to work negotiating the settlement with the insurance company. When individuals do not have a lawyer working on their side, the insurance company is more likely to make a low settlement offer. An insurance adjuster may even deny a rightful claim. The lawyer becomes an aggressive force for an injured client.
  • Another benefit of hiring a pedestrian accident lawyer is that they will fight for the rights of the injured victim. When an injured victim has no legal representative, the insurance adjuster, and others in the process of settlement can take advantage of the injured party.
  • These lawyers offer free consultation appointments that allow injured individuals to learn more about the available services and what they can expect from the process. No injured person should have to fight their case alone when there is legal help available.

Get Started By Scheduling a Consultation Appointment

One of the first steps an injured pedestrian needs to take is to seek medical care. Pedestrian accidents often involve serious injuries. Sometimes, these injuries affect a person for the rest of their life and lead to permanent disabilities.

After they are under the care of a doctor, an injured victim should schedule a consultation appointment right away. As stated above, many injury lawyers offer free consultation appointments. The injury lawyer may even offer a contingency arrangement, which means the lawyer does not receive payment unless they win the claim for their client.

Prepare for the Appointment

Preparing for the consultation appointment is essential for injured pedestrians. A person should write down all the details of their accident and the resulting injuries and list questions to ask the lawyer during the appointment.

The injured pedestrian should prepare to answer any questions the lawyer may ask. Lawyers will ask questions to further ensure they get all the pertinent details of the accident. The more detailed the injured pedestrian’s responses are, the better equipped the lawyer will be to seek fair compensation.

Get Started Now

Unfortunately, the statute of limitations begins ticking the moment a pedestrian accident occurs. Statutes of limitations are handled at the state level. If the injured party waits too long to seek a lawsuit, they will miss out on their ability to pursue compensation in any form. Now is the time to schedule a consultation appointment.