From the Pantone institute, they have studied trends to determine what color will flood catwalks, shops, decoration, art … Everything! And they have created for the first time this color within the Pantone universe, which is characterized by encompassing the qualities of blues and the vibrancy of their purplish-red hues.

We have to say that we have loved the proposal! Want to know everything about the PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri? We tell you:

What does Veri Peri color convey?


The Pantone Institute has created this new color to give a boost to this world that seeks resilience, stability, and hope.
A new color, full of energy, ready to convey courage, creativity, and above all, reinvention (remember that it is a new tone!). Characteristics that, without hesitation, provide great confidence and curiosity for the new. Is not it a great idea?

We know that you are crossing your fingers so that, according to your colorimetry, it is your season that most favors this new color. And if you belong to the spring and summer seasons, the answer is… YES! (Although if you belong to others, we also encourage you to try it).

  • Summer season women :

Think of women like Jennifer Aniston or Sarah Jessica Parker. Light eyes, fair complexion, golden-hair… If you feel identified with these features, the new PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is made for you, since the blue and powdery look great on you and the purples and lilacs give you a lot of luminosity. Hit for sure!

  • Spring season women :

Let’s give you another couple of examples: Amy Adams and Scarlett Johansson. Light skin with golden undertones, light eyes, and blond or copper hair.

Spring women are especially favored by warm tones that usually need a touch of shine, so colors like turquoise blue or light clear navy look great on them. Therefore, if your season is spring, we assure you that this new Pantone 2022 color will be ideal for your looks. Bet on him!


Surely it is the question that you have been asking yourself since you have discovered the new seasonal color. So, here we are to guide and inspire you. These are the colors with which you can combine the Very Peri:

Tiffany blue is a tone that will give the new Pantone 2022 color that perfect balance of combination and contrast, adding luminosity to the look. We suggest that you debut the new color with a Very Peri sweater and combine it with straight tiffany blue high-waisted trousers and close the look with kitten heels. You will have a very trendy and bright look. We assure you.