Ever heard of house walls tumbling down on the occupants because of faulty plumbing systems? It’s quite unfortunate this happens, considering such problems can be solved once they are noticed. To some, it may come as a surprise, but most had an idea but chose to ignore the problem.  Most house owners choose to ignore plumbing issues or go for cheaper and alternative methods because they do not want to incur the extra costs of fixing the pipes and the drainage. What this does is just prolong the onset of danger and often make the situation worse.

You may end up losing a whole structure and even lives, for a case that would have cost you a few thousands.

Well, in this article, we shall highlight a few warning signs that may indicate a severe plumbing problem and why you should call up a drain rescue team before its too late.

Warning Signs You Need A Better Plumbing System Installed - running water, pressure, plumbing system, pipes, leaking, install, drain, backflow

1. Sinks And Drainages Take Long To Drain

Sinks and drainages that take longer than expected to drain water may indicate issues with your plumbing system. This lag may not necessarily mean you have to dismantle the order entirely, but if temporary unclogging efforts run short, it raises a red flag. Sinks and drainages that are prone to constant clogs should be checked to make sure it does not get worse. A qualified plumber will assess the clog and establish the best method to use. It may range from, the change of the drain plate to even changing the pipes entirely.

2. Low Water Pressure

If you find that you are spending way too much time in the shower, not because you choose to, but because of low water pressure, then it is time to check your plumbing. Low water pressure may be an indicator that the feeder pipes are clogged with either soil or salt sediments. If you live in an area that the water source is salty,  then these will be the most common problem. In cases where the sedimentation has solidified, then it would call for a complete system change. But alternatively, plumbers use chemicals that breakdown the sediments and regain the pressure to its optimum.

3. Regular Backflow

Backflows are a nuisance and a health hazard as most times sewage water is brought back up. They mostly occur right after you have unclogged your drain. It is expected and not considered serious if it happens once. But if it is an everyday thing, then that is a warning sign that you should call up your plumber to assess the system.

 4. Soggy And Moist Walls

Imagine you have rented a space in a beautiful apartment, but after a few months of living there, you notice that part of your wall has discolored. To the eye, the paint appears to be raised and detached from the wall. And when you touch it, you notice that paint particles drop. The wall feels moist and cold too. This here is the most significant red flag that the plumbing system of that establishment is faulty. It indicates that the pipes pre-installed within the wall are either leaking or have already burst. The moisture may also create a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria that possess a health risk to you and your family. If this goes unsolved, the leaking water will continue sipping through the walls and eventually come crashing down.

It may not only give you ugly looking walls that you cannot hang your paintings and artifacts on but may result in losing your home all at once.

 5. Visible Leaking and Burst Pipes

Water pipes are prone to physical damage through accidents or wear and tear over time. Some tubes have burst because of the sudden influx of water pressure or due to blockages. Other pipes may leak due to loose fittings which can easily be fixed by tightening the plugs. A recurring leak may also indicate problems with the water pressure as well as worn out piping material. Either way, if a leak goes unfixed, then it may lead to further weakening of the pipe and lead to an eventual bursting of the pipe. Burst pipes are the end result that must be taken care of. Otherwise, it would result in water wastage as well as damage to the structure.

6. Continuous Running Water

If your washroom flashing system stays on long after you have left, or your tap doesn’t lock completely, this means there is a faulty valve. This results in wastage of water in the long run. It also results in further damage. This is a sure sign that you should get a plumber to check the issue out. The earlier, the better.