The white tissue of the tooth and the root that fixes it to the jawbone are very robust structures. It is possible to maintain dental health for long periods of time with minimum attention to oral hygiene and feeding habits.

Mild wear over time does not require prosthesis applications or serious treatments. For some aesthetic disorders, mild methods are both healthier and cheaper. Veneer Turkey application is one of the leading veneer methods that can be applied in light aesthetic losses.

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What is Laminate Veneer?

Laminate veneers are applied to the fairly common practice in Turkey aesthetics. The aim is to eliminate the aesthetic losses that occur in the front region of the tooth with light touches. All of the teeth areas that appear when laughing or when the mouth is open can be intervened by this veneering method.

A porcelain veneer of the same color as the tooth color is glued to the tooth by a light scraping process. The fact that there is no serious intervention in the basic tissue of the tooth may reveal very successful results in the long term.

In addition, the internal and natural structure of the tooth can be protected against instant traumas (hot-cold, acidic beverages, cigarettes, etc.) thanks to this veneer texture.

In order to provide the aesthetics of the smile, it is compulsory to take initiatives for the problems of the person. Not every method gives the same results in every person. Although the gap between teeth, yellowing becomes permanent, gums come to the forefront, caries and other aesthetic problems can be eliminated with different aesthetic applications, but laminate veneers Turkey can solve all of them at the same time.

Laminate veneer, which is one of the most preferred veneer methods for those who want to return to social life in a short time, has a very simple application procedure.

After a thorough dental examination, the patient’s problems are identified and the suitability of the method is determined. If it is appropriate to the method, it is determined which places will be covered with porcelain. In the final stage, the problematic tissues are scraped off in order to match the natural structure of the tooth with the veneer.

The preparation stage is completed by removing the mold of the teeth. Three to four days after the preparation, the porcelain material is placed in the tooth with a special adhesive. As the gums are anesthetized during the entire preparation and placement period, the patient cannot feel pain or pain.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneers Turkey?

Laminate veneer Turkey is a type of veneering which has a very simple application procedure and can achieve serious advantages even after long term application. The main reason for implementation quite often in the form of benefits that are also hosting Turkey.

  • Thick tooth layers are not rasped to make a thin veneering. The natural structure of the tooth is preserved as much as possible. Therefore, it does not produce hot-cold sensitivity.
  • The porcelain used as veneering material is highly resistant to external influences. In addition to protecting the internal structure of the tooth, it can also protect itself against external influences. Even in the medium to long term, it does not lose anything from the color of the first day.
  • As an advantage of the application procedure, it can be said that the chewing ability does not change. Since the tooth is covered only on the face, there is no change in sensation in the parts that come into contact with food.
  • As with other types of veneering due to the effect of the adhesive chemical used, no fall incidents are encountered.

If porcelain laminate Veneer Turkey is applied instead of composite, the advantages increase exponentially. The fact that the tooth has a very natural appearance and structure offers serious advantages to the patient in terms of protecting the health of the tooth. One of the biggest advantages of laminate veneer applications is that it does not require special maintenance and is highly resistant to chemical products.

What are the disadvantages of laminate veneers?

A laminate veneer application is not suitable for all people. Although it is not a disadvantage when done correctly to the right patient, it may cause serious problems if not done to the right patient.

Under normal conditions, the natural structure of the tooth is slightly eroded. In some patients, too much etching can be done because the part that will disrupt the aesthetic appearance is large. This can lead to the development of cold – hot sensitivity in the tooth.

It is relatively expensive because it is made for aesthetic purposes. It is not covered by many insurance policies.

There are three to eight days, depending on the density, between taking the mold and manufacturing the veneers. This may require changes in nutrition and social habits during this period.

How Long is the Life of Laminate Veneers?

Not all laminate veneers to tooth surfaces like some other types of veneers applied in Turkey is only done on the frontend. This leads to a decrease in protection but extends its life significantly. A well-clad veneering can last for up to ten years without the slightest change.

However, since it does not protect the tooth in full sense, it may be necessary to remove it with a tooth if decay occurs from the back or bottom. People who take care of their dental health can have a healthy smile for a lifetime by having laminate veneers.

The most important factor determining the life of laminate veneer applications is how the patient looks at his teeth. Although people who drink acidic beverages, smoke cigarettes and do not brush their teeth, porcelain veneers, even if they are durable, will soon look bad.

Laminate Veneers Turkey Prices

It can be used as porcelain or ceramic veneers material during laminate veneer Turkey applications. Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, the base price for the description of the materials to be used even as many teeth veneer applications exceeded the price for the base said.

The level of expertise of the attending physician, the material used, the condition of the teeth and some other factors change the price of the laminate veneer. In order to get a precise and accurate price, you should be examined.