Below, we’ve found 15 interesting ideas for how to DIY your lampshade into the shade of your dreams. A DIY lampshade is one of the items with great potential for customization. The design possibilities are pretty much endless. With a bit of creativity you can turn something old into something brand new in an afternoon. These 15 DIY lampshades will light up your room in a whole new way. Check out the tutorials below!

Incorporate Bold Floral Fabrics

Cast a Lampshade Out of Concrete

DIY concrete lampshade tutorial

Repurpose an Old Sweater Into a Lampshade

DIY Sweater Lampshade

DIY a Lampshade That Looks Really High-End

DIY west elm lampshade

Use Hair Dye to Create an Ombre Effect

String Some Beads to Create an Elegant Chandelier

DIY lampshade chandelier

Spruce Up a Hanging Light With Jute

DIY lampshade tutorial

Wrap a Lampshade With Different Colored Yarn

Add Handmade Rosettes to Create a Shabby Chic Look

DIY lampshade ideas

Use Geometric Shapes to Create a Unique Pendant Light

DIY lampshade tutorials

Shape Copper Wire Into Skeleton Light Fixtures

DIY lampshades to try

Stencil on Fish Scales Using Paint

DIY Lampshade tutorials

Create a Whimsical Lampshade for a Nursery

Master the Dip-Dye Technique to Replicate This Look

Learn How to Fake an Embroidered Lampshade

DIY Lampshade Tutorial