Useful Ways To Store Your 3D Printing Supplies - shelves and drawers, printer, materials, 3d

3D printing is a rapidly growing hobby and profession, but it comes with its own challenges. One of the most important areas to focus on when 3D printing is managing your supplies. Without proper storage and organization, materials can quickly become disorganized and unusable. Fortunately, there are several top useful ways to store your 3D printing supplies that will help you keep your workspace organized and efficient for optimal results.

Invest in Storage Units

3D printing supplies can take up a lot of space when stored in an office, workshop, or storeroom. Investing in good storage units provides the perfect solution to store your excess supplies and keep them organized and out of the way. Storage units provide you with an easy-to-access place to store your 3D printing materials, freeing up valuable workspace

Storage units are also great for keeping track of all the tools needed for 3D printing projects such as spools, nozzles, motors, and electronics. With storage units, you can store these items safely and securely in one location, making it easier for you to access what you need when required quickly. Additionally, having all your supplies organized into separate containers means you will never lose track of any essential 3D printing supplies.

Investing in storage units is also beneficial for those who store many 3D printing materials, which can be expensive to replace. Storage units keep your 3D printing supplies safe from damage and loss, reducing the chance of unnecessarily purchasing replacements.

Invest In Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are one of the best ways to store your 3D printing supplies as they come in various sizes and shapes to fit any space or need. Larger plastic bins can hold larger items like filament spools, while smaller bins can store smaller items like tools and parts. Plastic bins also provide a simple way to keep supplies organized by labeling the outside of each bin with its contents, making it easy to find what you need quickly.

Use an Organizational Wall or Rack

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for 3D printing supply storage, consider investing in a wall-mountable or rack system specifically designed for 3D printing supplies. These systems often include multiple shelves and drawers that are perfect for organizing filament spools, tools, and other equipment. Best of all, these organizational walls and racks are designed so that everything is within easy reach while still keeping your workspace tidy and clutter-free.

Create a Filament Spool Holder

A 3D printer’s filament spools can become an eyesore if left in a pile on the floor or table. To keep them organized, you can make your own filament spool holder using simple tools and materials like wood, screws, and bolts. This DIY project is relatively simple and will help you store up to four large-sized filaments in one neat package.

Use Wall Shelving

Wall shelving is perfect for storing all 3D printing supplies, from tools to parts and even finished projects. Not only do shelves help keep items organized, but they also provide extra storage space that’s easy to access when needed. When choosing wall shelving, pick one that is sturdy and can hold any weight you plan on storing.

Useful Ways To Store Your 3D Printing Supplies - shelves and drawers, printer, materials, 3d

Storage and organization are key in 3D printing, so it’s important to have the right storage solutions. By utilizing some of the top useful ways to store your 3D printing supplies, you can help create a clutter-free and efficient workspace for optimal results.