If you’re searching for the ultimate hair straightening and smoothing solutions, you might be wondering why you should shelf the old keratin or Japanese hair treatment solutions and try out what they’re all about at oxoorganic.com. The answer isn’t simple as there are quite a few reasons why you should do that. Here, I’m going to tell you what you can expect so that you know what to decide when it’s time to get a hair treatment.

The first thing you’re going to notice as being different from a keratin treatment is the fact that it is permanent, unlike the aforementioned alternative. If you’re looking for something permanent, keratin is out already. That’s not all however, you should also take into consideration the fact that it is real restoration, not just an outer coat that looks like it’s repairing something, so one more point for OXO.

Why Use OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment And Not Something Else? - treatment, smoothing, repair, proffesional, permanent, oxo, hair treatment

Ok, so it has a couple of points over the keratin treatment, but when we’re looking at the Japanese treatment specifically, are there any reasons to still go with OXO? Sure there are! One thing that Japanese hair treatment users notice right away is the fact that their end result just looks artificial. With OXO you get a natural look, which you might agree, can be a lot more beneficial. If you’ve tried the Japanese version before, you also know the horror of having to wait three full days before you can even collect or wash your hair, after the treatment. That just doesn’t work with some people, since they have jobs and obligations that require them to look a lot more presentable. With OXO, you get to wash, collect or do whatever you wish with your hair right after the treatment, which can be very relieving.

It’s for everyone

With different hair treatments, you always have some kind of filter telling you who it’s suited for and who it isn’t suited for. Some people benefit more than others from it and that can be frustrating. OXO Permanent Smoothing The Treatment is adjusted to each type of hair so even if a client have curly roots or damaged lengths or tips, they are going to be treated according to their needs so they will all get the same sine and smoothy result. You can even use it while pregnant or breastfeeding and that’s a major plus for all those soon-to-be or fresh mommies out there.

Why Use OXO Permanent Smoothing Treatment And Not Something Else? - treatment, smoothing, repair, proffesional, permanent, oxo, hair treatment

So how does it work?

It’s easy, you just go to a professional salon and they take care of you. It’s not being lazy, it’s just that you can only get the treatment in certified OXO professional salons. They put a sticker in the window so you know they do the treatment. Then, they use the OXO Permanent smoothing treatment on your hair, and this gives the hair the necessary state for the hairdresser to manipulate it and breathe new life into it. At then you just wash your hair thoroughly (make sure it’s all out before using the flat iron). It doesn’t change your hair’s structure and it uses natural components, so it’s a pretty good alternative to the usually Japanese or keratin treatments.