Understanding the Best Air Filters That Help Clean - clean home, clean air, air filter


The air filters in your home are important to understand due to the fact that they are the tools that keep airflow coming in clean. They do this by trapping allergens or pollutants in a tight mesh weaving that keeps them from entering your air systems. The process is quick and simple, but very important to keeping the air in your home safe and comfortable to breathe. However, air filters can’t be just thrown into a system and expected to clean forever. You need to pay attention to the filters installed in your home air systems and mark their effectiveness. Eventually, these filters will grow dirtier and less effective over time.

The Issues with Dirty Air Filters

The biggest problem with dirty air filters is the fact that they are a result of the filters in your system doing their job correctly. The filters will take on more particles as they filter them out of the airflow until they are completely covered in them. This is good considering that these particles will not fill your home, but now you have a different problem. Dirty air filters don’t allow airflow to pass through easily. This means the air inside your home will not cycle out, leading to problems of dryness and stagnation.

When airflow is not cycling out, that means that particles are unable to leave either. You home need the air inside to become replaced, especially when there are resident smokers or pets that leave airborne particles that can cover open surfaces. The system will try to push airflow through the blockages, which eventually results in strain for the system and eventual mechanical damage. The strained system will also use more electricity, leading to a rise in energy billing.

Replacing Old Filters

You need to install new air filters regularly in order to prevent the old filters from causing any problems for your home. The replacement process is not as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of different filter sizes and MERV ratings to separate the filters. MERV, or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, is the calculated ability of a filter to clean out incoming airflow. The higher the rating, the more effective the filters, but also, the harder it is for airflow to come through. The best air filters have a balanced rating and thoroughly clean out incoming airflow without completely stopping it.

It is also important to not the size of the old filter so that you are able to order the correct new ones. Look for the sizes on the cardboard edge of the old filter and order a new one with a similar size from your favored provider. Air filters are usable upon arrival, so you can install it as soon as it is left at your door. Avoid any issues with unclean air and have new air filters installed to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.