From smart and sassy to flirty and frilly, spectacles are not only in but a style must-have. Designers are taking eyewear to the next level with unique styles that combine frame composition with intricate embellishments and seasonal hues. Top-trends fit a variety of fashion palates, creating accessory evangelists in even the most discerning proponents. Here are the season’s top styles, hot off the runway.


The fashion Gods grace us with the beautifying power of social media filters. Instagram-inspired eyewear is all about adding nostalgic effect through tints.The hottest sunwear is tinted with optimism in the form of rose-colored lenses. For vintage-minded divas, runway favorites also include gold-tinted specs that offer a sepia-like effect. Match the way you see the world with vintage-themed frames (circa 1977 for optimum effect) to complete the look.
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Style tip: Gain inspiration from the muse itself. Follow Instagram eyewear trendsetters like Warby Parker to stay current with each season’s trends.


Geeks rejoice—nerdy is trendy and you’ve been ahead of the fashion curve for years. Flaunt your genius with optic frames that speak to your intellect. For the arithmetically challenged, fake it with thick, bold, lens-free frames that add points to your style IQ. On the runway, the style is big specs, angular cuts and neutral colors. For an everyday and off the runway look black and white patterns mix elegance with intelligence.
Style tip: A plus for eye-glass wearers, simply trade out your current frames for thick, over-sized specs like the new squared acetate glasses by Dolce and Gabbana. Ask for light weight lenses for all-day wear. For faux-brainiac’s, lens-free style is all about precise moments, time it wisely. Limit the look to coffee shops and poetry slams.

The Bohemian

In the world of fashion, recycled trends come back with a vengeance. Made popular by John Lennon and revitalized by Harry Potter, round glasses propelled to high fashion on this year’s runway. This seasons up-cycle brings new elements to the once vintage look by pairing bohemian chic with edgy accents.
Style tip: The style is laid-back comfort and carefree fun in the sun. Think music festivals, beach parties or strutting down the Sunset strip. The circular specs present a playful yet mysterious vibe, keep your precious eyes concealed under dark-tint lenses to nail the style. So if you wear prescription optical frames, switch up your lenses for daily wear contacts that you can toss after a long day outdoors. Contact lenses, especially when just for occasional use, are very affordable. After updating your optical prescription for contact lenses you can save money by purchasing online from sites like Vision Direct.


Just in time for spring and summer, floral designs take over optic fashion. From intricate designs to detailed embellishments, garden style can be as extravagant or understated as you’d like. More than petals and blooms, anything evocative of whimsy garden dreams fits the mold.

Style tip: If you’re feeling particularly bloom-y go for butterfly-shaped silhouettes and floral embellishments that sparkle and shine. Kate Spade nails this look in her latest collection. If floral print just isn’t your thing, go for an understated spring look with solid frames in leafy greens, brilliant pinks and soft pastels.