When going on your vacation, the last thing you want to be worrying about is working up a sweat carrying your luggage. Let’s face it – it’s the necessary evil of travel, and the heavier it is the more expensive and annoying it is. We’re going to focus on some top tips for reducing weight in luggage to make sure you’re maximizing your holiday luggage potential. You might even discover you’ve saved so much room you can include the best beard trimmer in your bathroom for that little bit of luxury whilst you travel. Just don’t forget your adaptor if you’re venturing further than the States!

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Socks in Underwear

This might sound a bit ridiculous but hear us out. Ball your socks up, two at a time and then shove them in your shorts. These can then be folded further, and you’ll quickly see that the amount of space being used is rapidly reduced. This will give you more opportunity to pack the fun stuff like your iPad, as well as the boring hygiene stuff like your hairbrush and toothpaste. Remember these all need to be travel sized if you’re venturing on international flights too. Check with your travel agent on what the current allowed amount is.


Vacuum Pack the Cheap Way

In this day and age, you can buy luggage reducing vacuums but there is a cheap way that is just as good, for the purposes of getting clothes into a bag or suitcase. Remember those sock/shorts you just made? Put these inside a bin liner or small plastic bag. Add anything else you’re taking such as shirts and pants. Then go ahead and sit on them, squashing all the air out. ET voila, your home grown vacuum. Place the whole thing into your luggage bag and add anything else such as spare shoes after. Don’t forget a spare bin liner/plastic bag to put your worn stuff in, it means you can easily separate your clean stuff from your less than clean.


Denim Fresh

Depending on what sort of vacation you’re going on, think about the type of clothes you’ll be needing. Nine times out of ten you can have a good fall back with a good looking pair of jeans. Jeans are great in that you can repeatedly wear them without getting too stinky, saving you luggage room by having just the pair you’re wearing for the trip. For those potential spills, take tissues and hand gel to keep you and your jeans hygienic and clean.

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Towels are one of the most important things to take care of your personal hygiene. perfect travel towel will protect you from bacteria and germs. Mizu Towel is the world’s first bacteria detecting towel. Its color-changing strips detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites. While its proprietary technology allows it to dry 3x faster than the average towel.

Hunters Gotta Hunt

For the uber conscious in weight control, grams can really mean the difference. Campers and hunters that are going to be carrying everything they own for the next few hours or days don’t want to be carrying anything that isn’t absolutely essential. Learn from the experienced if this is a holiday you’re planning. These guys literally will cut the ends of toothbrushes just to maximize their luggage capacity. Getting items that can be hung off of keyrings (like solar chargers) really helps internal carrying capacity too, and gives you quick access to items without stopping and rummaging every half hour.