Man desire to look good at all times rather than the special occasions of weddings or proms. Lapels and boutonnieres have gained popularity since the ancient times and it has a rich history. These flowers are used as an indication for military and wealth. The lapel flowers add an extra edge to your ravishing look and set an individual apart from other fellows at the same place. You can only wear lapel flowers if you prefer to appeal your inner sensitivity and look super dapper in your outfit.


So, before we go into further details about what are the lapel flowers? They are also known as boutonniere which adds an extra flair and spice to your overall look. People usually use these two words interchangeably but there are marked differences between the two. Lapel flowers are usually used for artificial or man-made flowers while boutonnieres, on the other hand, are real flowers which are used on special occasions.

This accessory adds an extra detail to your ensemble once you choose to wear it. However, it’s essential that the lapel flowers should be worn with perfection. So, don’t worry as we have gathered all the information regarding the lapel flowers. Follow this perfect guideline while wearing the lapel flowers.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear


It is a known fact that lapel flowers should be worn on the left side of your jacket. The men’s jackets have a buttonhole outline or a buttonhole. If you don’t find a buttonhole, you can make use of pins to attach the real or artificial flowers over your jacket. It is commonly practiced for the tuxedo jackets or the sports coats.

Many individuals wonder that why lapel flower is preferred on the left side of the coat. It is believed by ancient people that as the heart is located on the left side of your body that is the reason lapel flowers are preferred on the left side and it is considered as a romantic notion.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear


The hand-made lapel flowers are exclusively sold by Dapper Lapel, for which you need to check the stem size as well as the lapel buttonhole on the jacket.

You can follow any of these 2 ways of wearing a lapel flower which includes either the condition where the pin can be seen or you can conceal it. However, make sure that you don’t prick yourself with the sharp tip of the pin.


It is one of the conservative ways to wear the lapel flower. This procedure is preferred for fabrics which can bear the sharp tips of the lapel flowers as some fabrics leave the marks of the pin holes. It is advised to place the pin on that part of the jacket which is non-showing.


It is usually preferred by individuals who want to add some colors to their ensemble. You can match the color of the lapel pin to your accessories i.e. belt buckle or watch.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear


The lapels are available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and colors according to the person’s preference or occasions. However, the essential factor which you need to follow while wearing the lapel flower is to wear it with confidence.


It is a critical job to find the lapel flower which aligns perfectly with your jacket and body proportions. It is similar to the situation in which you choose the tie width according to your jacket and body type. You can measure the width of your lapel flowers and match it with the width of your jacket to decide whether the size of the lapel flower is proportioned with your ensemble or not. If you choose to identify the size of the lapel flower with the naked eye, it might be difficult as you might get deceived. It’s better to identify the size of the lapel flower correctly by measuring their widths.

You need to choose the lapel flower which is in proportion to your remaining outfit. However, if you are wearing it for the first time then prefer the smaller ones. If you wear very large lapel flowers, then it engulfs your overall look and makes you look clownish. The sizes of the lapel flowers are available in small, medium and large categories.


Selecting the perfect size with the complementary color of the lapel flower is essential while wearing one. You need to choose the lapel flowers which makes your outfit look prominent. If you are wearing the lapel flowers for the first time and you are not sure regarding the color then choose the neutral color such as off-white. Lapel flowers should be chosen efficiently in such a way that it adds elegance to your outfit.

You can use a color wheel to choose the color of your lapel flower that goes best with your outfit. The colors on the color wheel are divided into two categories i.e. warm colors such as red, orange, yellow and cooler colors i.e. purple, green and blue. The color wheel helps in complementing the perfect color of the lapel flowers which matches with the outfit.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear

Monochromatic COLORS

If you are a beginner and experimenting with the lapel flowers for the first time, you can also choose the monochromatic colors which are safe and give you a dapper look.


You can also choose the combination of neutral colors which includes grey, brown or off-white which goes well with your shirt, suit, ties or your pocket squares. You can always choose neutral colors as they do not create a fuss in choosing the right color combination. Neutral color combinations infuse your outfit with a perfect earthy tone and create a dapper and relaxed look.

Similar COLORS

You can also choose the same colors of your outfit to the lapel flowers as they create a familiar look on the color wheel. The similar color combinations are the perfect way to enter a sartorial land and that too with confidence.


You can choose the triadic colors on the color wheel which employs the warmer colors against the cool ones. The combinations might include the pink lapels against the blue tie or purple lapels with mint green or olive ties. These striking color combinations also offer the dapper look as they utilize the combination of warm versus cool colors.


It is the boldest scheme of colors on the color wheel. It creates the strong contrast between the cool and warm colors. It makes orange work well for blue, purple against yellow and pink against green. The complementary color combinations for lapel flowers are chosen by those who can fully embrace the mix and match colors.


You can wear it whenever you desire to look elegant. However, most men prefer to wear lapel flowers at proms or weddings. People prefer attaching the lapel flowers to the waistcoats or sweaters. If you are a beginner, then start wearing lapel flowers on formal occasions or dates with your loved ones. The lapel flowers are used as a conjunction to your overall look when you are wearing a suit and dressed in a tie to achieve the dapper look. However, in recent times people also prefer to wear the lapel flowers if they are dressed in a shirt and a blazer.

The lapels can be worn with:


It is usually worn at the formal dance or a ball, you can also wear it at the reception or formal dinner party. If you prefer to wear the lapels over the tuxedo, it should be typically peaked. The flowers for the tuxedo should usually be the single blossom and red or white in color.


The formal flower such as carnations are usually preferred for weddings is of white color. Choose the ones which coordinate with your suit. You can also use flowers for weddings such as roses, lavender, and sunflowers.


The people working at the corporation usually use the lapel pins for designating the achievement and show the affiliation to your corporation membership. The lapel flowers in connection with business corporations are commonly found in the US, however, it is apparent in British organizations.


You can also use lapel pins for optimizing your everyday outfit. However, lapel flowers are usually chosen for the formal parties or special occasions such as weddings. You can wear lapel flowers to your office which adds a flair to your entire ensemble. After you get used to wearing the lapel flowers, you can add them to the work outfits and walk confidently. You can also look for styling inspiration from models and check out on Instagram or fashion magazines.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear

4-Connotations FOR LAPEL FLOWERS

Flowers usually carry some connotations for moods, so you need to choose them with surety that they go well with your dressing according to the occasion. Flowers such as roses are widely accepted as safe and considered as the romantic flowers.

Poppy, on the other hand, have a sad connotation which is connected with war, it should be worn on the remembrance days. Lilies and carnations are the joyful flowers.

You should be well aware of the connotations of each flower and be aware before time so that you don’t offend someone.


There are 3 simple ways to wear the lapel flowers:

  • Apply the lapel flower pin to your lapel buttonhole and keep it on the back side of your lapel which maintains the flower in a firm position.
  • You can also insert the pin through the buttonhole from the front view of the lapel flower by inserting it through the fabric and then fasten it to the lapel pin. It is believed as the style statement by some individuals however, others believe that it tampers the front look of your jacket.
  • Apply the lapel flower pin and insert it into the buttonhole through the back view of the lapel flower by puncturing the fabric. It is the best option which maintains the lapel flower in a firm place and slightly tampers the back side of the suit which cannot be viewed.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear


The lapel flowers might be simple which includes big rosebud. The lapel flowers are also available in several patterns which are associated with other plants or leaves in green color to complement the look of flowers on the outfit. The lapel accessories have other elements as well such as beads, flowers as well as the patterned fabrics.

TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear TIPS TO WEAR A LAPEL Flower | Gentleman Style - weddings, styling, men, lapel flowers, fashion, everyday wear


The lapel flowers from violets, orchids, lilies, roses, wisteria, pansies and others are easily available online. You can add the flower lapel pins to the lapel flowers to add an elegant look. It is perfect for all occasions. Flower lapel pins are perfect for wearing them behind the lapels. It can be easily worn over the shirt collars on the jackets, coats, hats or belts. Wearing the lapel flowers add beauty to your ensemble. You can order the lapel flowers 24/7 with convenience on the internet.

Choose websites such as for ordering the lapel flower pins with comfort at your home. You just need to fill the order form, select your favorite lapel pin, attach or describe the design of the lapel pins and then you’ll receive the lapel flower pins within the few days. It is a super easy and the fastest way to order the lapel flower pins online.

The lapel flowers which were reserved in the past for the special occasions such as baptisms or weddings are now also used for flourishing the dapper look of a gentleman. Menswear is getting diversified these days so you can choose multiple accessories to make you look ravishing. Add some lapel flowers to your overall look to achieve the style statement.