With thinner than thin models not only strutting the runways, but also splattered in glossies and displayed all over TV, you wouldn’t think lingerie is something every woman can wear. Or at least, not something an average woman could wear and still be accepted by society. But forget what society tells you. Yep, we said it—you don’t have to be a size two to rock cute underwear. From nighties to bra sets, to cutouts and more, the trick to lingerie is picking out something that fits your body type and makes you feel great about yourself. If you pick pieces that fit right and flatter your unique shape, you are more likely to stand up a little taller and even strut your stuff.

Petites, hourglasses, pears and plus sizes, listen up! Here’s your guide to picking out the right lingerie for your body.


Right now, backless, cutouts and crops are all the rage. Perfect for petites, try a nightie with a unique, cutout back. Also, for lounging, short shorts and crop tops are the way to go. Cool for summer and showing off a little bit of midriff, it’s time to get rid of those flannel pajamas.

Reversible Springtime Crop Top by NAPKIN
Photo by Lucy Burrows via Flickr

Tip for all sizes: Lingerie is a great way to try out the season’s latest styles and trends. Take a little bit of a fashion risk—you won’t be leaving the house!

Hourglass Shaped

For hourglass-shaped girls, it’s all about the va-va voom! Accentuate your curves with a waist-cinching corset or deep plunge one-piece or nightie like True & Co.’s blousy bodysuit featured on MSN. These pieces will draw the eye directly to the parts of your body you want to show off.

Ellie - an old mess about photo from ages ago...
Photo by Lies Thru a Lens via Flickr

Tip for all sizes: Pick your favorite part of you body and really exaggerate it. It will make you feel confident and hopefully inspire you to try new, edgy pieces!

Plus Size

Show off the things you love about your body with bras that give you enough coverage and support. The most important thing for plus size chicks is to find the right fit. It you have a great bra that helps accentuate your curves, pair it with a silky, flowy tank and cotton cardigan. This look can even go with jeans and some wedges for a night on the town.

Tips for all sizes: If you feel uncomfortable buying lingerie at the store, order online. There are so many websites that carry lingerie in all styles, shapes and sizes. Try sites retail sites like Yumdrop.com to get an idea of what different lingerie looks like off the hanger.

Pear Shaped

It’s all about showing off your little waist and some lower leg. Cute baby doll nighties and chemises are great for this, according to the Knot. Try one with a little frill on the neckline or straps to add more volume to the top of your body to even everything out.

Photo by Lies Thru a Lens via Flickr

Tip for all sizes: With lingerie, don’t be afraid to go all out. Lace, beading, rhinestones, frills, bows and sparkles are all welcome. Whatever makes you feel pretty, girly and confident is fair game.