The first few months of the year are generally a great time for a spring clean and a declutter in your home. If you tend to start each year with a clear out and a spring clean, then it may be worth implementing some summer interior design ideas throughout the sunnier months of the year. These months tend to get the most light throughout the day and are a great time to open the doors and windows wide, make use of any outdoor space in your home, and inject some greenery around the house. You can find inspiration online for the likes of wall decor ideas, which can provide cheap and cheerful tips on how to decorate your home for the summer season.

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Summer Interiors

When choosing colours for the summer season, whether it’s wall paint or accessories, opt for light shades of white and pale grey, and citrus tones such as lime green, yellow or coral. If you are redecorating on a budget, it’s best to re-use existing furniture or household items and upcycle them if possible, rather than investing in new items. Give old wooden furniture a new lease of life with a coat of chalk paint or gloss paint, for example, and repair any items that may need fixing. This goes for textiles such as curtains and cushions, as well as other household items. When repairing fabrics, in particular on soft furnishings, the right kind of glue is often the quickest and easiest option. For the likes of leather sofas or clothing, use a good leather adhesive – this is a very handy tool for repairing what is usually a very expensive material. It is also a nice, natural fabric that will add a warm touch to a living room, for instance.

Other things to keep in mind when decorating during the summer months include:

  • Use natural textures like wood, bamboo or linen when decorating a room
  • Add a pop of colour through accessories like cushions, framed prints, and rugs
  • Light, breezy curtains made of linen or lace will add an airy touch to any room
  • A nautical or beach-y theme is easy to implement and will add a summer flair
  • Opt for bright and bold floral prints to add a summer touch to any room
  • Include potted plants, flowers and herbs on your kitchen windowsill to bring some summer freshness and greenery to the indoors
  • Let the sunshine in by using soft, light-coloured curtains and blinds

Interior Design Trends

When decorating your home for the summer, it is generally best to avoid design trends and create a seasonal look through accessories and smaller items like plants and textiles that can be replaced easily when the season changes. It can be inspiring to take ideas from the top interior design trends, but trends pass and won’t always be in style. When choosing more permanent features for your home, such as flooring, window frames, or material for a kitchen countertop, stick to neutral tones that won’t date quickly. With this approach, you will have a sleek canvas to work with and can add seasonal touches throughout the year. Create a cosy atmosphere in the winter through low, warm lighting and chunky knitted blankets, for instance.

Decorating a house or apartment can be a lot of fun but the key to a successful decor project is careful planning, knowing where to spend and where to splurge, and investing wisely in those long-term items. Use textiles and smaller accessories to adapt your space depending on the season, and you’ll have a winning formula all year round.