About Jeddah City

Have you ever heard about Jeddah City? It is one of the most luxurious and prominent cities located on the banks of the Red Sea. It is an absolute dream where you can discover the splendors and beauty of Saudi Arabia. Between what seems like an endless desert and amazing coastlines, Jeddah City is a quite unique place that you can only find at the Arabian Peninsula.

Jeddah City is the second largest city and the biggest one in Makkah province, in Saudi Arabia. And, for a several years it has been the gateway to sacred cities like Mecca, which is located about 65 kilometers to the East, and there is also Medina, close to 360 kilometers up North, for the over two million Muslims that make the Hajj pilgrimage every year.

The city of Jeddah hasn’t always offered such a luxurious lifestyle. This happened after World War II, and the city was able to expand its horizons greatly because of the oil royalties they were receiving, and granted it a whole new level in wealth. Before, the economy was dependant on pilgrim expenditures and local fishing, and they were able to incorporate oil refineries, steel-rolling mills, and also including the manufacture of cement, pottery, and even clothing. Amongst other small industries.

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The Jeddah Tower

The strategic location of Jeddah City helps to keep the status of the commercial center of Saudi Arabia. Located in the northern part of the country, in the Hejaz region in the Makkah province, on the coast of the Red Sea. The city is an absolute beauty and is full of luxurious places to visit, and there is the Jeddah Tower progress, which is still under construction and is meant to be the ultimate luxury residential and commercial building in Jeddah City. The building of 252 stories will have residences, several hotels, many social amenities, and an observatory deck that will give residents and visitors a breathtaking view of the Red Sea, because it is being built just off the coast.

Jeddah City a Great Destination

If you are a travel lover like we are, you need to include Jeddah City on your bucket list of places to see around the world. The city has a lot to offer; a wide variety of malls to shop (or window shop as well), international and local restaurants, ancient neighbourhoods, museums, theme parks, and a beautiful coastline and waterfront.

The city of Jeddah is a great destination for tourism, offering a wide variety of cultural and interesting places to visit while you are there. Here we present to you a few tips of what to do and where to go in the city.

Spend the Day at the Red Sea Mall

It is located at the northern suburbs. It is a large shopping complex that offers over 240,000 square meters of boutiques, shops, dining, entertainment options, offices, and even a five-star hotel, the Elaf Jeddah Hotel. There is something for everyone in this immense complex. You will be able to find from the most luxurious brands, and also more casual and down-to-earth options.

Stroll by the Central Fish Market

Located on the waterfront on Al Kurnaysh Road, the Central Fish Market has vendor stalls that you can walk by where you can buy freshly caught fish and other seafood in the region. You will have a front row seat to watch how the experts work their magic while carving seafood and you can also participate in auctions as well.

Marvel at the Fountain of King Fahd

You can’t miss one of the most popular attractions of the city, the King Fahd’s Fountain, which is the tallest and an amazing fountain of its kind in the world. The fountain ejects a stream of water from the Red Sea into the air to a height over 240 meters. The fountain works all day, but the best show can be viewed at night when it lights up with hundreds of spotlights. It is a definite must see when you visit.

Feel Inspired by Al Rahma Mosque

The beautiful Al Rahman Mosque is located at the edge of the Jeddah Corniche, which is a 30 kilometers in length of the coast, filled with other tourist attractions as well. Since the mosque is built over the water, during the high tide it appears to be floating in the Red Sea. It is a fully functional mosque and locals go there every day for their prayers, and it also available for visitors that just want to look around and be marveled by its beauty. The mosque features traditional architecture and Islamic art, and it also has a modern sound and lighting system. The best hour to visit is at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the light that streams through the stained glass windows.

Don’t Miss a Meal at Al Baik

Whether it is your first trip to Jeddah City, or your tenth trip, you have to stop by an Al Baik franchise location. This major Saudi Arabian fast-food chain has been open since 1974, and they serve a variety of fried chicken and seafood meals with a side of crispy fries and their signature sauces. Order your meal to go, since it is usually very crowded and only men are allowed to eat inside.

Visit the Jeddah Lighthouse

The Jeddah Lighthouse is the world’s tallest lighthouse. It is located on the north side of the Jeddah Islamic Seaport and it is an active lighthouse. It stands 133 meters tall, and according to the Guinness World Records it “surpasses in structural height any other traditional and non-traditional lighthouse in active use.” Although tourists are not allowed entrance, you can get a beautiful view of the lighthouse, and also see all the boats that come and go from the pier.

These are only a few of our favorite places to see in Jeddah City. Jeddah is a very safe and modern city that welcomes tourists every year, where you have the opportunity to learn history that goes back to biblical days, with the amazing contrast of new-age entertainment and attractions suited for everyone. Keep in mind that the Middle East is quite different -even though they have modernised over the years- so here are some more travel tips you should know before you plan a visit to Saudi Arabia.