Selling a home is hardly an easy situation and while the process can be both time-consuming and emotionally draining, certain selling mistakes can make the experience even more strenuous. For some preparing to sell their home, the process can feel much like an invasion of privacy as potential buyers poke through cabinets and cupboards among other almost offensive behaviours. However, considering the following mistakes is a great way to keep your head above water and sail through the process of selling your home with a lot more ease.

Time To Sell Your Home: Mistakes To Avoid - sell, property, listing, home, agent

Feeling Overwhelmed

Even though we all know it can be quite challenging to control emotions, and especially when confronted with a less than appealing situation. Therefore, those who are selling their homes after consulting with short sale specialists, such as those at, are likely bidding farewell to their homes to regain financial stability. However, there are several reasons homeowners hand over the keys to their investment, although, a home is often considered so much more than merely an investment as memories exist within the walls of a home.

Feeling emotional about selling your home is not the easiest mistake to avoid, although, by allowing yourself to accept your decision before starting the lengthy process, you will be far less overwhelmed when the big day arrives. Therefore, it would be best to give yourself time to come to terms with the sale before actually selling or opting for a short sale.

Not Hiring An Agent

Even though you may feel inclined to believe that you would be saving by avoiding hiring an agent, real estate agents are skilled professionals. Therefore, by hiring an agent, you can rest assured that your home will be sold for a realistic price. The mistake of avoiding an agent may have you crumble under potential negotiations from interested buyers. A good real estate agent will be able to negotiate the asking price in your favour, which is why it is usually best to rely on professionals.

Unappealing Listing Photo’s

Most potential buyers will judge a listing by the properties images, which is why the quality of your home’s listing photo’s is undeniably important. This is just one of the more notable reasons so many sellers opt for professional photography. Therefore, when compiling your images, you should ensure they boast crisp quality and that each photo truly showcases all your home has to offer.

Hiding Property Issues

Far too many sellers hope that major property issues can be covered up, although, this mistake will not just have you overwhelmed with stress, it could also put the sale in jeopardy. Rather than attempt to hide any property issues, you should consider the costs of repairs before listing your home and if you are unable to afford the repair costs, you should either opt for a short sale or consider consulting professional home buyer services as you would be able to sell for a realistic price without renovating and repairing your home first.