Adding a throw to a living room can give it a completely different look and style. Browse these ideas to add some style to your living room. As soon as the weather gets cold we dig our throw blankets out of the closets and drape them over sofas and chairs to warm up our living rooms. In addition to keeping us warm, throws are the perfect way to jazz up a tired sofa or to inject instant color and pattern to a space. The thing about throw blankets is they tend to be, well, casually thrown on couches and chairs a lot. And while that can definitely make a difference to the look of a couch, something that can be even more powerful is using blankets with your couches with intention. Unlike a slip cover that goes over the whole couch, using a blanket to create a tight stripe like the above photograph, or to only lay across the bottom cushions, or to only fold on the armrests, approaches the aesthetics of your couch in an intentional way, altering the shape and pattern of it, and maybe even altering the look.