Distracted-driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the U.S. In fact, about 3000 accidents in the U.S are the result of distracted driving.  With such high accident rates, the question of how best to deal with the issue of distracted driving is a top priority for all concerned parties, ranging from policymakers, car manufacturers to insurance companies. As an input to dealing with this issue, here are the top 4 ways to prevent car accidents due to distracted driving.

The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Car Accidents Due to Distracted Driving - prevent, education, distracted driving, car accident, car

1.    More painful punishment for distracted drivers

One of the best ways to prevent distracted driving is to push for stricter punishment for distracted drivers. That’s because people fear punishment and if they are aware that the consequences for accidents from distracted driving are severe, they would be more careful. That’s why firms like rector law firm push for maximum compensation for any car accident from distracted driving.  With hefty fines and other forms of punishment for distracted drivers, people would be more careful.

2.    Advanced car technologies

When it comes to preventing distracted driving, nothing beats technology. Car manufacturers are coming up with technologies that will deal conclusively with distracted driving going into the future.  Some of them include lane departure warning technologies, audio-guided driving systems, and semi-autonomous driving systems. These technologies are playing a huge role in reducing the incidence of cases of distracted driving. Given that newer car models come with these technologies as a standard package, they could eliminate cases of distracted-driving car accidents in the future.

3.    Constant road user education

Psychology studies show that, when something is repeated consistently, it sticks.  The brain internalizes such information and comes to accept it. This approach is a strategic way as a preventive method for distracted driving. To achieve this end, concerned bodies such as government bodies can constantly run ads about the risks of distracted driving. It may not have an immediate impact, but it can change attitudes over time. For instance, when a driver is constantly bombarded with the message that texting while driving can lead to death, at some point, it will sink in, and they will be more responsible. This can be most effective on teen drivers who are just about to start driving.

4.    More responsible driving

Aside from technology, laws, and education, one of the simplest ways to prevent car accidents coming from distracted driving is more responsible driving. As a driver, there are certain things that you can do and stay safe. One of them is to avoid driving while texting. If you have to text, just park the car at a safe place, then text. You can also make use of hands-free technologies for your communication while driving.  This way, you can handle all your calls without taking your eyes off the road. There is also the option of putting your phone on silent mode. By doing this, you are sure that you will not be distracted all through your journey. These are simple preventive measures that only take some level of responsibility from the driver.