The Quietest Air Conditioner Solutions for Modern Homes - home, design, air conditioner

The best solutions for cooling the home during the blistering summer heat are those that add to the serenity without interrupting your peace. Sure, the primary purpose of an air con is climate control. But the quietest air conditioner can give you that captivating coolness without noise pollution, making a silent system ideal for modern homes.

Many of the latest air conditioners also help reduce carbon emissions and minimize running costs compared to the older models. But before you start making significant purchases, here’s a rundown of what you need to know about the quietest air conditioner solutions for your home.

Split System Air Conditioner

The split system is a worthwhile option for homeowners looking to cool or heat a single room or living space. These cost effective solutions have a minimal presence and take up little wall space. Go with a leading brand, and you can make use of built-in inverter technology, which boosts a system’s performance without increasing running costs.

Each split system will consist of two parts: the indoor wall mounted unit and the outdoors compressor. The compressor handles all of the hard work, including the circulation of refrigerant gases and pumping the unwanted heat air outside. All of the parts known for making noise are located away from the home, well out of earshot. This makes the split system a quiet option and one to consider when installing a new air conditioning unit.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioners can cool in the summer and heat during winter for the best of both worlds. The latest systems even offer support for cell phones to function as the remote or thermostat for conveniently setting functions and the desired temperature from the comfort of the couch or bed.

The Quietest Air Conditioner Solutions for Modern Homes - home, design, air conditioner

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is the ultimate heating and cooling solution. Equip your home with one of these powerful systems, and you have the potential to heat and cool as many rooms as desired – all without interior noise.

Central air conditioning is installed in the roof cavity or attic, and it functions just like a split system but on a much larger scale. Ductwork runs through the roof to discreet vents in the placement of your choice. The air flow is silent, and you’ll only know the system is on by the captivating comfort.

However, central air conditioning units do make some noise. Like the split system, the outdoors compressor handles all hard work, and it can get quite loud. The good news is that the compressors can be positioned away from the home so the noise won’t disturb occupants.

Climate controls are handled via a thermostat or cell phone if it’s a smart system. The thermostat can manage zoning for shutting down areas that don’t require heating and cooling, saving you energy and running costs.

The Quietest Air Conditioner is Evaporative Cooling

One of the most environmentally friendly ways to cool a home during blistering heat is evaporative cooling. These roof mounted systems are fondly referred to as swamp coolers, but they are actually respectable and found in many eco-friendly modern homes.

Evaporative cooling units are amongst the quietest air conditioner solutions for two key reasons. First off, they’re roof mounted, so the systems themselves are typically silent to anyone outside the attic. Secondly, these systems don’t feature the coils, gases, heat pumps and large fans of other air conditioners. Instead, they use water and a quiet fan, so there are fewer moving parts to generate noise.

Evaporative cooling draws in fresh air and cools it with water filled pads before directing it throughout the home to help reduce interior temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This constant stream of fresh air makes evaporative the suitable choice for anyone living with asthma or breathing difficulties. Evap systems also help reduce a home’s carbon footprint and climate control running costs because essentially, it’s just a fan. Albeit, a very effective one.

The Quietest Air Conditioner Solutions for Modern Homes - home, design, air conditioner

What About the Quietest Window Air Conditioner?

There’s a lot to like about the window air conditioner. For starters, they’re affordable. They’re also easy to install and remove if you’re renting and moving to a new home. But, unfortunately, these systems are notorious for noise. And it doesn’t help that they’re positioned right at your window close to a bedroom or living space.

The quietest window air conditioner puts out just over 40 decibels of sound. According to Audicus, in everyday sounds, 40 decibels is around the level of library noise. So they’re not too loud, but also not as quiet as one would hope. And that’s the quietest window air conditioner available. Some models are much louder. For example, window air conditioners are available with an output of 80db or the equivalent noise of an alarm clock.

If you’re looking for the quietest air conditioner available, start by skipping the window AC and going straight for the evaporative cooler. But, of course, evaporative systems only cool the air. So if you want a unit that heats and cools, consider a split or central system as the quietest air conditioner solution for your home.