So you’ve finally decided to grow a proper beard? Welcome to the club. Before we invite you in so you can play pool and throw darts with your mates, it’s crucial to walk you through a few steps to ensure that you can grow your beard the right way.

The Man’s Man: How to Grow and Care for a Beard the Proper Way - men, grow, grooming, care, beard

After all, it’s not just about waiting for your beard to grow; that’s not how you grow it properly. Instead, it’s all about proper maintenance and keeping the list below in mind. That way, you can manage your beard without fail, and you’ll look that much classier as a result.

1. Beard health matters!

As stated above, growing a beard isn’t just about waiting for it to grow. Your health matters, which is why it’s a good idea to get into the health and fitness trend as soon as you can. Even if you’re not a fan of exercise, there’s no need to get carried away with workouts. All you have to do is get about thirty minutes of light exercise a day, and you’re good to go.

Growing a proper beard is also about maintaining an optimal diet, getting enough water, and making sure you sleep at least seven hours a day. If you take the time to care for your body, your beard will grow that much better.

2. Beard maintenance

There are all sorts of products available to help ensure your beard is as classy (and manly) as possible. Some are even used to treat beard dandruff, which can occur to just about anyone. Beard dandruff, much like regular dandruff, is not necessarily the result of bad hygiene, but rather the body’s reaction to certain chemicals. Fortunately, there are beard shampoos and oils that can help.

You can also learn little nuances, such as the best time to apply beard oil, though much of it can depend on the types of products you purchase. Ensure that you read the instructions provided by each product to give you the best chance at taking care of your beard.

3. Beard grooming

Beard grooming is about making sure that your beard grows the way you want it. Typically, people would recommend that you allow your beard to grow out, so it’s going to start rather patchy, then it’s going to be uneven, and when you let it grow further, it gets to the point where it’s easy to mold the way you want. That said, there’s no reason to wait until your beard is long and scraggly before you do anything. You can start trimming well before that happens to help ensure your beard grows properly.

While being patient and allowing your beard to grow out so you can trim it is great, you end up looking less than ideal for an uncomfortably long time. Proper beard grooming allows you to still look great while growing out your beard.

With a bit of consistency and patience, proper beard maintenance is easy. The above tips – as well as the right beard care products – will do most of the work.