When you want to make a fashion statement, there is no shortage of trends to try out. Whether you are going to a meeting, out for a special occasion, running an errand, or working indoors, you want something comfy but fashionable at the same time. Some of the latest trends you can get yourself this season include the following:

The Latest Trends in Designer Fashions - trends, trench, suits, maxi, fashion, Dress, designer, cardigan, anklets

1. The Anklets

Anklets are not only for women as men can rock in them too. You can get yourself a designer fashion anklet for a festive season or for those seasons that allow you to walk on short pants. The idea is to show off your anklet, which means having an attire that does not cover the entire leg.

Women can adorn the ankle accessories with short skirts or dresses and stilettos or stylish flat shoes. You can get the anklets in different designs such as leather bands, twisted ropes, silver, gold, and beaded looks.

2. The Trench

The trench has been trending for a long time, but a different fashion to make a difference comes with each season. It allows you to stay fashionable even on rainy days or when the sun will not show up. However, some tips come in handy to make you fashionable.

You can wear prints or colors with a plain trench coat or a printed trench with a monochrome outfit. You can put on leggings and a t-shirt or turtleneck, and to complete the look, you can pair it up with tractor tread boots.

3. Cropped Cardigan

A cropped cardigan can give an impression of a leaner and a taller you as it rests up the waistline. The cardigans are perfect wear for any occasion, whether it is a business or casual one. You can pair them up with a pencil skirt, denim dress, pleated dress, or skinny jeans.

The shoes can be closed or strappy heels, ballet flats, sneakers, and ankle boots.

4. Boiler Suits

§Thanks to its versatility, you will like the boiler suit even more if you love the jumpsuit. You can rock it in different ways and still step up with a spring any day. A belt and the same tie-up sandals will be ideal when you want to make a statement.

When you want to go casual, you can get some sunglasses, a t-shirt with the boiler suit sleeves rolled up, with some trainers to finish the look. For a sophisticated look, especially during winter, go for a monochrome boiler suit with a polo neck, ankle boots, and brightly colored accessories.

5. Maxi Dress

Evening outs are not the only times to wear your maxi dress, as you can now put them on for any occasion. You can go with several styles apart from the usual maxi and sandals look. You can wear sneakers with the dress, especially if you do not love heels or are going for a walk.

Another way to rock a maxi is by combining it with a denim jacket for a stylish and beautiful look. You can accentuate a small waist by wearing your maxi with a belt. If you like showing off your legs, you can go for the asymmetrical dress with a short front and long back and finish the look with some heels.