If there’s one pair of sneakers that has made a huge impact on our culture and society, it’s the Air Jordans.

The Air Jordans have had a fantastic history, and this adds to their allure and value if there’s one thing that’s remained consistent throughout the evolution of Air Jordans, it’s the style factor.

But how did the Air Jordans come around? What was the story behind its inception, and how it became popular today?

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Here’s a fascinating history of Air Jordans:

Basketball Sneakers

Before Air Jordans became popular, basketball sneakers had been a part of our culture for a long time. Converse sneakers made popular by Chuck Taylor are still worn to this day.

Nike, in particular, has long dominated the sneaker market, especially for basketball shoes. However, until the mid-1980s, the Chuck Taylors remained the official shoe of the National Basketball Association.

While it wasn’t necessarily required for all basketball players, it was clear that Chuck Taylors were the shoe of choice. The NBA did have certain rules on wearing basketball sneakers, however.

But before we jump into that, we must first get into the star player for whom the Air Jordans are named after.

Michael Jordan 

After making his name on the college circuit, Michael Jordan was drafted in the 1984 NBA draft. His first team was the Chicago Bulls, and it was with this team that he’d become most associated with.

It wasn’t long until he became famous not only for his basketball skills but his relentlessness. He had struggled for several years to make it in basketball and to make it as a star player.

Once he got the chance, he wanted to make his name in professional basketball. He had a great personality and charm and managed to help the Chicago Bulls win many games.

Off-court, he was a delight with the fans and was one of the first basketball players to reach the mainstream. Even today, someone with no interest in basketball will know the name Michael Jordan.

But apart from this charm, he also gained a reputation for being a bit of a rebel. This was most evident with his choice of sneakers.

The Air Jordans 

Nike became Michael Jordan’s sponsor and helped him launch his own type of sneakers. The Air Jordans were released in 1984, but it took some time for them to gain popularity among average consumers.

The Chuck Taylors still dominated the market, and other Nike models were still trailing ahead of the Air Jordans. Michael Jordan was popular, but his kicks were not!

He started wearing them on the basketball court during matches, and slowly, fans were taking notice. Yet, the Air Jordans still wasn’t making waves among the average consumer.

Challenging the NBA

This changed when Michael Jordan began wearing Air Jordans in different colors. At the time, the NBA had a ridiculous rule that basketball sneakers worn during games had to be all-white.

Michael Jordan wore sneakers in different colors. This was the crucial step that made the Air Jordans stand out from other sneakers. But, the NBA wasn’t pleased.

They made Michael Jordan pay a fine of $5,000 for wearing non-white sneakers on the court. Michael Jordan paid the fine.

But, he continued to wear the sneakers again and again. No matter how often the NBA fined him, he continued to pay these expensive fines.

But these fines paid off. Eventually, the Air Jordans became popular, and people started buying them. One can imagine that Michael Jordan used his earnings to pay off some of the fines.

The NBA would eventually drop this rule, and Michael Jordan could now wear whichever sneakers he preferred. By that time, the Air Jordans had become one of the most popular basketball sneakers of all time. This remains true to this day and the popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

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The Air Jordans Today

The Air Jordans remain a popular sneaker even though its been several years since Michael Jordan has retired from basketball.

Since Michael Jordan’s retirement, other basketball players have captured the public’s attention. They range from LeBron James to Steph Curry to Kyrie Irving.

One can argue that some of today’s basketball players have more fame than Michael Jordan has ever had. Yet, the Air Jordans are still the most popular basketball sneaker of all time.

It’s not just popular among basketball fans. It’s one of the most fashionable and valuable sneakers available today. Air Jordans are often expensive and some investors like to collect as many Air Jordans as possible to sell at a later date.

You can pay a few hundred to buy a pair of Air Jordans and then sell them in a few years for a couple thousand!

This is a remarkable achievement on behalf of Nike and Michael Jordan. Nike, of course, has worked hard to become a game changer in the athletics industry.

But how did Michael Jordan become so popular, and how does he still have such an allure?

Perhaps there’s no clear answer on this. Even though we may hear more about LeBron James today, Michael Jordan had a universal appeal and wasn’t a contentious figure.

He remains an American icon, and Air Jordans represent the excellence that America stands for. That’s probably why they’re still in demand today.

That’s the History of Air Jordans

Now you know the history of Air Jordans and can find the perfect pair or collection for your needs!

When you buy your next pair of Air Jordans, you’ll know the complex and fascinating history behind them. They were originally seen as a rebellious type of shoe but have now become mainstream.

Air Jordans are a source of pride for many sneaker collectors. You’ll be the talk of the town, whether on the street or on the court. You want to start collecting Air Jordans today!

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