Shocking the body with cold water is a trend that has grown explosively in recent years. But it is not only an effective way to wake up in the morning, it also has many health benefits.

After a cold spring, many people yearn for warmth. But when the temperature in the water rises, you should lower the temperature in the shower to take part in the health benefits you achieve by shocking the body with ice cold water. A strengthened immune system, lower stress levels and glowing skin can be an effect of taking a cold shower.

Health benefits of taking a cold shower


Better blood circulation and less pain

When you shower cold, the veins constrict. Cold water, therefore, stimulates blood circulation and toxins can be eliminated from the bloodstream, reducing tissue inflammation.

Strengthened immune system

The increased blood circulation and the body working to stay warm also increases your metabolism, stimulating the growth of white blood cells. Many studies have shown that people who shower cold fight colds faster.

Relieves stress

Although a cold shower can spontaneously feel like a stressful experience for the body, the sudden cold causes our body to secrete endorphins and lowers our stress levels. Especially in the long term, the sudden shock from the cold can make the body handle stressful situations better.

Beneficial for skin and hair

Hot water strips away some of the natural, protective oils that the skin and scalp produce. Cold water, therefore, helps us preserve moisture in the skin and hair and thus allows the hair to retain its shine and the skin its lustre.