Skip Bin Hire: The Best Way to Do Your Part in Reducing Rubbish in the Landfill -

So, you’ve booked a skip bin hire for the big house declutter you’re doing, but now you’re wondering where all your rubbish is going to go. Will the bin just get dumped in the landfill?

Then, you start to get a bit earth-conscious and worry. You start trying to think of ways you can recycle some of the stuff you were going to toss. Or maybe you can sell some of it. After all, the old washer and dryer you’ve had in the garage for ages still work, you just wanted new ones.

Well, you can stop fretting and just book a skip bin because they’ll take all your rubbish to a licensed facility that will sort through it and recycle as much of it as they can. Very little will end up in a landfill – only the bits that can’t be reused.

Here are some examples of what could happen to your stuff once it gets dropped at the facility.

Any green waste will be sent off to be made into topsoil, compost, and mulch.

Bricks, concrete blocks, dirt, sand – all these materials can be reused. Oftentimes, the facilities will resell them on-site, so if you’re looking to redo the borders around your house, this might be a good place to check first for materials.

Timber can find a new life in many forms when it’s recycled. It might become animal bedding, mulch, or particleboard. Some might be used to make pallets. Good quality timber can even be reused to make furniture.

Some kinds of timber can’t be recycled, though, such as treated wood, wood containing nails, or painted wood. There are other types, so check with the skip bin company when you book.

If you’re worried about those appliances and electronics, don’t be! They can be reused too. They are dismantled and many components, like precious metals and glass, are recovered for further processing where they will be utilised in the fabrication of new products.

Even items like blue board and plasterboard can be recovered and find new uses when disposed of using a skip bin.

Booking a skip bin hire doesn’t mean your rubbish will just be dumped in a landfill. Everything that can be reused or recycled will be, so you can be confident you’re doing your part to help the environment whilst also helping your home.