For a long time, many people have never grasped the relationship between purging versus breakouts. It has been around for some time, but people cannot tell which is which. This has led to many misconceptions, myths and confusion in treatments.

You see, if you are not so sure if it is a breakout or skin purging, you may end up getting the wrong medication. However, there is a difference between the two. Thus, if you keep reading, you will get to grips with the two and next time you will be able to figure out if it is a breakout or a purge.

Breakout: What is it?

Though there might never be a single phrase that can really and accurately tell what a breakout is, you can generally put it this way. A breakout is an acne flare that is caused by various factors including chronic stress, excess oils on your skin, reactions to some foodstuffs, use of skincare products that one is allergic to, among many other known causes.

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Skin purging explained;

You have been asking yourself what purging is. Most skincare experts reveal that purging is actually a skin condition that sees whitehead, blackheads and pimples that are underneath your skin coming up to the skin surface as a result of increased skin cell turnover rate. This happens after using particular skincare products.

You see your skin purges upon using a skin product that hastens the production of skin cells. Your body takes time to adjust to such changes, and after a while, you realize that the purge is over. It first leads to mild acne, and it is a temporal occurrence. It does not last long.

How to tell the difference?

You may experience acne purging. However, you have seen that purging occurs when you are using a skincare product that speeds up the cellular skin turn over. If you are using a product that does not cause an increase in cell turnover and you experience acne, then that is a breakout but not purging. It connotes that the ingredients I that products are not ideal for your skin type. A reaction is taking place.

Purging could be a result of clogged pores being pushed up to the skin surface by the increased cells. However, the condition may improve if you continue using the same product over time. A breakout occurs when you are not treating your skin. It happens randomly on various parts of the skin surface. On the other side, a purge will appear on a particular surface like the face at once, especially when you are using a certain skincare product.

Conclusion: How to deal with the two?

As you have read in the previous paragraphs, purging is more temporal compared to breakout. Breakouts have to be treated properly for them to disappear. However, you might require a combination of treatments for breaks. There are also numerous options for you. You can try home remedies or go for clinic verified ones. Eventually, if treated well, breakouts will disappear.