You’ve got a great house but for whatever reason it’s come to be the time to sell up and move on to pastures new, so naturally you are going to want to make sure you get the highest possible value for your house and there a few key things to consider before putting the property on the market.

Selling Your House: 5 Ideas To Increase The Value Of Your Property - value, selling, sale, property value, property, home

Make Sure The Exterior Is Presentable

The exterior of the property is the first thing that your potential buyer will see when they are looking at the property, either on a listing or in person. There are two categories of the exterior to be mindful of, the house itself and the garden. The house itself should be in good order and you will want to ensure any cracks or issues are repaired and it has a fresh coat of paint, the garden should be tidy, the lawn should be mowed and all paths etc should be clear of weeds and debris.

Make The House Look It’s Best For Viewings

This might seem like obvious advice and still it’s amazing that some people don’t take it when putting a house up for sale, would you buy this home in Birmingham, England? OK that may be an extreme example but the theory stands, make sure the house is free of clutter, clean and smelling nice, there is nothing more off-putting than a nasty odor.

Selling Your House: 5 Ideas To Increase The Value Of Your Property - value, selling, sale, property value, property, home

Be Sure That Timing Of The Move Is Right

As well as making sure everything is in order for your property it is also a good idea to look at the timing of selling on your home and moving to a new one. You should be mindful of market trends and when prices are at their best, but don’t forget to include thinking about your own next move as you will need to find your new home and a quick online mortgage comparison can show you what you can get depending on your current position.

Be Sure That The Property Is Ready To Move Into

One key attraction to a potential buyer is if the property is ready to go so you need to ensure that once a sale is agreed you can offer a decent moving in date and be able to honor that as a long wait for entry will put off a percentage of buyers. If you have to delay entry this can be a real problem and can get you into a bit of bother with the buyer that’s best to avoid this by making sure everyone knows when the keys are to be handed over.

Ensure All Fixings Are In Good Order

Check all of your doors and windows and other fixings in the house to ensure that they are sightly and in good working order as it’s again a fact that something many buyers are put off by is a property that needs a reasonable amount of work done on it. This can make getting a sale harder or force you to reduce your asking price and that’s not ideal for any seller.