If we’re a fan of semi-permanent or gel-based manicures, our nails end up suffering. They break, splinter, or lose their strength. Luckily for us, there are very specific protocols to sublimate our hands. Among them: is the Japanese manicure. A natural method that restores healthy nails full of vitality.


A method inspired by layering

The Japanese manicure method borrows directly from the Asian concept of layering for the skin (a process that consists of overlaying multiple treatments, ed.) and promises to deeply moisturize our nails. Ideally, we do it between two poses with varnish, semi-permanent or false nails to strengthen our cuticles before a new pose.

How to do a Japanese manicure?

If you have all the necessary tools at home, then it is quite possible to do this manicure yourself. Otherwise, it is better to go through an institute and rely on the hands of a professional.

First, the nails are filed as in a classic manicure. Then it’s time for deep care: A nourishing paste made of keratin, vitamins A and E, and a cocktail of vegetable oils is applied to all nails. File the nail with the paste using a polishing block covered with chamois leather. This essential step helps to rid it of impurities and nourish them deeply.

The hands are then dipped in soapy water to soften the cuticles. Once the hands are dry and the cuticle is pushed back, also with the buffing block, the nail is buffed with a special powder or a buff. It helps exfoliate the nail’s surface and reveal its shine. The result is immediately visible: the nails shine and regain their natural pink color.

Finally, an important step in a Japanese manicure concludes the treatment: a hand massage is performed with a moisturizing cream.