The risk of electrocution is always a scary prospect when attempting to perform any home improvement projects that involve electrical current. What’s more is that even if you do survive the immense shock, you’re more than likely to be left with a nasty burn, an expensive home repair, and a lingering, festering fear of anything associated with electricity.

But fear not, we’ve got you. Not every electrical home improvement (or maintenance) project needs to be performed by a licensed professional, and not every project is as dangerous as it seems. With a few precautionary measures and proper knowledge, you should be able to perform these projects without a single hair on your head being harmed.

Safe DIY Home Electrical Projects - safe diy project, light switch, fan installation

1.Fan Installation

As with all electrical installations, the first step is to always make sure that you shut off the electricity first. This ensures that there’s little to no risk of electrocution.
The other important thing to take note of is to make sure that you already have an electrical junction box. If not, well, you need to have an electrician install one for you first, because this is one of the more complicated projects to handle.
If you do have a junction box, simply wire your fan cables through the box, screw in the joist, and install the fan plate. Install blade attachments last to reduce

2.Light Switch and Outlet Replacement

This is one of the easiest home electrical improvement projects you can do. All you really need here are the right replacement parts, a screwdriver, and needle-nose pliers. It’s just a matter of getting the replacement parts that match the switch or outlet that you’re trying to replace. There are many types of light switches and electrical outlets. Here are a few types of light switches and outlets.

3.Breaker Panel Mapping

This is probably the safest and easiest project you can do. The purpose of mapping your breaker panel is to save time and effort when you or your electrician (for more complicated repairs) need to do some repairs. This ensures that no electricity is flowing to a certain section of your house. It’s basically a matter of labeling which switch controls which part of the house. All you need are replacement labels and a pencil.

4.Under-cabinet Lighting Installation

This simple project is a great way to add value to your home (if you’re planning on selling it) and if you aren’t, it makes for a pretty convenient way to search for your things. As with all electrical installations, you have to make sure to cut the power to your kitchen, and after that it’s just a matter of following a few instructions.

Now, these are only a handful of electrical projects that you can safely DIY. Take note that none of these involve any repair or any sort. For those types of projects, you need licensed professionals like the Vero Beach electricians, because sometimes you just can’t leave anything to chance. Now remember, always DIY responsibly. There’s no shame in admitting that there are just some things that really require the help of a professional.