The war between rattan vs wicker outdoor furniture has waged for years. Some people think they are the same, some people had no idea they were different, and some have staunch opinions on what looks best! Before making the decision on rattan vs wicker outdoor furniture, let’s take a look at the details.

What’s The Difference between Rattan vs Wicker?

A lot of people use the terms “rattan” and “wicker” as though they are interchangable. Whilst they are both used in stylish outdoor furniture and coastal indoor furniture, there are some core differences.

Rattan is a close relative of palm trees, and is a type of vine that grows in the South East. Rattan grows in “poles”, ranging from one to three inches in diameter. It is a super strong material with a solid core used to make furniture and decor items.

Here’s a closer look at rattan itself:

Example of Rattan outdoor furniture
Example of Rattan outdoor furniture

Wicker, interestingly, is not a plant or material but a technique used to make furniture and other items out of natural materials! Wicker furniture is often made out of rattan, but could also be made from synthetic materials, bamboo, reeds, and so on.

Here’s an example of wicker in synthetic material:

Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture
Synthetic Wicker Outdoor Furniture

So Which Looks Best?

Your preference will be based on what kind of look you want to achieve in your outdoor living area. Rattan is a superiorly versatile and durable material, so rattan furniture is almost always a great investment.

Wicker furniture can be a riskier choice, as its strength and durability will depend on what material it is made out of. A benefit of synthetic wicker outdoor furniture is that it is not likely to fade with sun exposure. Rattan, on the other hand, is sure to fade over time in the sun. If you’d like to explore the different colours and designs, you can browse outdoor wicker furniture online at Factory Buys.

How to Make Your Decision

It might be difficult to choose between rattan and wicker outdoor furniture if you don’t have any strong opinions about natural vs synthetic materials. Rattan outdoor furniture comes in an array of beautiful natural colours, which might appeal to you. Similarly, wicker outdoor furniture made from synthetic materials comes in a range of “unnatural” colours that might suit your vision more! It’s a very personal choice.

It might help to browse some outdoor furniture online and make notes of the styles and materials that stand out to you. Compare these notes to product reviews and your ideal budget, and try to pick based on these parameters. You’re looking for reviews that speak to the durability, good looks, and high quality of the furniture. Price-wise, the decision will pend on what you’re willing to spend, and what’s available.