Mahmutlar today is one of the most comfortable, modern and inexpensive resorts of the Mediterranean sea. More recently it was a small quiet suburb of Alanya with few residential buildings along the sandy coast and the warm blue sea. Over the last decade with the involvement of foreign investors, the suburb has developed into a large resort center-village with lots of green park recreation areas, shopping malls, stores, bars, cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, attractions, entertainment centers, numerous hotels, bank branches, institutions and company offices. Real estate in Mahmutlar for sale has always been unique and distinctive offering multiple options from primary and secondary real estate market. What are the differences between primary and secondary cost? Which type of real estate is chosen more often by foreign investors? Read about this below.

Primary Or Secondary Real Estate In Mahmutlar, Turkey? - real estate, mahmutlar, housing

Primary real estate market in Mahmutlar

Some people consider that primary housing should be only in a new building. In reality, a primary housing unit is an apartment or a villa that is purchased directly from the developer. After the residential complex is commissioned, the registration of ownership takes place, as a result of which the owner receives a title called TAPU. However, there are cases when right after the commissioning of the building; the developer company transfers the ownership of the apartments to its affiliates, which subsequently sell them. Such transactions take place in the secondary market, as the ownership is transferred from the first owner to the second one, although the dwelling itself is brand new.

Pros of primary housing

Primary housing has a comprehensive list of benefits, especially apartments and villas in Mahmutlar. High quality accommodation combined with outstanding location is the main characteristics of a responsible investment. Purchasing real estate in the primary market you get:

  • modern planning solutions;
  • possibility to change some of the designers` decisions;
  • usage of modern appliances and engineering systems;
  • developed inner infrastructure;
  • well-maintained surroundings;
  • comfortable payment plan;
  • high liquidly and huge investment potential;
  • absence of debts and clean title.

Cons of primary housing 

If we do not take into account certain individual preferences, primary real estate has only one drawback – a long period of waiting before moving in. Investing in the construction, a buyer saves a sound capital but needs to wait until the finishing. There is nothing to worry about. The Turkish developers build residential complexes quickly without any harm to the quality. The residential complexes in Mahmutlar may be delivered in 1-2 years.

Secondary real estate market in Mahmutlar

Secondary real estate is real estate owned by a private or legal person. As we have already said, if you buy an apartment in the secondary market, it does not mean that somebody has already lived there. In terms of real estate primary and secondary means just the number of owners of the housing unit.

Pros of secondary housing

To understand what is better, the primary or secondary specifically for you, let’s reveal the features of the second type of housing.

  • No need to wait to move in the apartment;
  • developed social infrastructure;
  • possibility to negotiate the price with the owner;
  • opportunity to become familiar with the neighbors and the area.

Cons of secondary housing

Along with the advantages, secondary real estate in Mahmutlar has certain drawbacks:

  • legal risks;
  • wear and tear in the building stock and hidden defects;
  • illegal remodeling.

It may seem that primary real estate is always more expensive, but this is not true. There are many factors that influence the price of a deal in Mahmutlar.

Factors that influence the real estate price

As Mahmutlar is the resort destination on the Mediterranean sea, there are several specific factors from price ranging.

  • The year of real estate delivery;
  • location – in the centre or on the outskirts;
  • proximity to the beach;
  • quality of construction and repairs;
  • footage and number of rooms;
  • view from the windows.

This scheme makes clear why an apartment in the new residential complex may cost cheaper than an apartment in the city centre or near the sea. Besides, property in Mahmutlar, Turkey offers great rental opportunities. It means that apartments in tourist locations will be more expensive as they are in high demand and provide bigger passive income.

Real estate for sale in Mahmutlar

It is quite difficult to say unequivocally about what real estate in Mahmutlar and generally in Turkey is more profitable. If you are looking for a place to relocate, comfort and safety should take the central stage, for making a business – it is better to analyze the rental and resale opportunities. To find the housing unit for any of the goals, visit the website Turk.Estate. A catalog of topical and affordable housing is available on the resource. Study the offers from reputable developers and contact the trusted real estate agents for making a responsible step.