Solo walks are one of the best ways to free the mind from the stress of the daily grind.

People go for a walk at any time of the day – they go for a morning walk, take a stroll amongst the greens after lunch or after dinner, or in the evenings. You can go out for a walk, all by yourself, any time during the day when you are free to do so. The benefits: it gives you that much-required ‘Me’ time!

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Why Podcast During a Solo Walk?

Appreciating nature is one reason why people go out for a solo walk. When combined with audio of preference, the walk can become even more enjoyable and fun. Listening to a podcast is an excellent way to keep your mind busy while walking. It also is an effective way to use the time at hand, especially people who are perpetually short of time.

People listen to different types of podcasts when they walk. Some listen to motivational talks ,such as Motivational Speakers Australia , some love to hear music, some choose news and daily updates, some go in for sports updates like the Ringer NBA podcast, while some indulge in getting practical tips to see through the day. Some people love shows like the Red Scare podcast, a leftist show and self-proclaimed as liberal feminism.

List of Chosen Podcasts to Listen to During a Solo Walk

Red Scare Podcast

Run by two young women, Anna Khachiyan aged 33 years and Dasha Nekrosova aged 28 years, the show has the duo indulging in assessing and discussing topics related to feminism and the capitalist culture. While Anna left her Ph.D. program midway and has had some experience as a trainee journalist, Dasha is a small-time actress and a writer. The show is produced by Meg Murnane and as described on the official site, Red Scare podcast is a cultural commentary. The two have also hosted a couple of live shows.

Listen to this pair if you love to hear someone talk in a monotonous voice, filled with sarcastic honesty, laced with self-contradicting fun that at times seems provocative and offensive. This platform is all about millennial feminism that also gets described as ‘girl bossism’ by some critics.

All in all, if you feel that women ought to go all out and achieve professional success– go beyond being simply Instagramers and successful entrepreneurs – and never hesitate to speak out their minds; then Red Scare podcast should be your choicest tune-in every day during your solo walk.

Ringer NBA Podcast

If you live and breathe the NBA, this one is for you. The Ringer NBA podcast is all about the National Basketball Association of the US, carrying the latest stories and updates direct from the courts. So, there are rumors, there is news, major stories, highlights and predictions of game results, who defeated whom and who emerged winners and lots more.

The best part about the Ringer NBA podcast is that listeners do not need to sign up or log in as it’s a free service.

In the Dark Podcast

People who love criminal stories and want to know more about how real-life investigations are carried out by law enforcement agencies in the US; this is recommended.

It is essential to mention here that this podcast has won an award for its narrative and storyline. In the first season, the podcast went on to cover the entire investigation into the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year boy who was later murdered.

In the second season, the series went on to cover the story of Curtis Flowers who faced trial for the same murder six times.

With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus

This one is far from the feminist world of Red Scare podcast. The program is a comedy with famous female comedian Lauren Lapkus, who dons the role of a different guest in each episode, where the ‘guest’ gets interviewed.

If comedy is what you look forward to uplift your mood and relax during your solo walks, try tuning in to this one for some good fun and laughter.

Rambling Runner

If you walk to stay fit and healthy and utilize the time to gain quick information and knowledge about fitness goals, then listen to this one.

Unlike the Ringer NBA podcast, Rambling Runner is meant to educate young, enterprising amateurs about the benefits of running and jogging with other aspects of a fitness training regime. This podcast is a must for people who are regulars at marathons and half-marathons as it discusses in detail about how to prepare for one, with inputs from experts.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Taking a solo walk to find happiness in simple natural things in life? Yes? Then listen to Gretchen’s chat with her sister Elizabeth. The duo offers suggestions that are practical and realistic to find happiness in your daily life. Gretchen is also the author of the book called The Happiness Project and Elizabeth is a writer and producer for television.

Psychology of Eating

Looking out for some serious dietary suggestions and lifestyle issues? Listen to nutritionist Marc David speak to real people who discuss their own stories to tell the world how they overcame their psychological problems and bad habits to improve their diet and life.

The objective of the podcast is to highlight that we eat wrong, not because we want to, but because of our emotional and psychological issues. These issues can be handled and overcome consciously to embrace good eating habits.

So, enjoy your solo walk every day by listening to your preferred niche on the podcast. This is one platform that has something for every person out there. Enjoy listening to it and stay updated with the latest that keeps your life lively and exciting.