We’ve all been there: your best friend rolls up in their new shiny car and you can’t help but look back at your own vehicle with a bit of disdain. But then you remember you are supposed to be excited for your bestie’s success and not jealous of others. Use your envy to make your car more special to you. Taking pride in your vehicle can definitely make your car outshine your best friend’s new ride, no matter what make or model.


Give Her a Good Scrubbing

Taking care to get your car washed – or washing it yourself – can make a huge difference in how your car looks and how it is received by others. If you take the time to wash it yourself, you may find a new appreciation for your car and want to keep it clean. Foggy or dirty windows make it harder to drive. And if you can’t see out of your back window, it is a safety hazard as well a guarantee that people will think your best friend’s ride is cooler than yours. And we can’t have that. Paying attention to the little details and keeping every part of your car shiny as if it were brand new will impress your friends and maybe even yourself. Paying a few bucks or taking a little time out of your day off can make your car glisten like no other and make you feel special as you drive around town.


Take Care of Her Insides

Along with cleaning the exterior of your car, another task that is sometimes overlooked is taking care of the interior of your vehicle. No one likes getting into someone’s car and having to push around trash or clothes to be able to find a seat. Keeping the inside of your car clean can keep your mind clear as well as make it a more inviting place for passengers. Along with keeping your car clean, you can also invest in some inexpensive, cool car gadgets.


Offer Others Rides

Speaking of passengers, another way to make your ride seem nicer than the one your friend just purchased is by offering rides. Not only will your friends and family be thankful, but you might even get some cash for gas at the end. Your friend might not want to ruin their new car smell, but you’ll know that your ride is useful all while being beautiful. Your friends and family will know you are generous and care about them. And you get someone to talk to as a bonus! Your passengers will be thankful as well as thinking your ride is way cooler than your friends.


Spend Time On Her Every Day

Because you now know how hard it is to maintain a beautiful car, you will work harder to take those little steps to keep it nice instead of having to spend an entire day of cleaning it out and detailing it. This may also mean that you take caution in leaving it out for any type of weather to attack it. If you put a cover over your car, you won’t have to worry about potential sun or rain damage. You’re smart, now learn how to make your dumb car smart.  You can sleep soundly knowing that your car is safe and beautiful, while your friend is still trying to figure out which buttons do what in their new vehicle.

You don’t have to buy a new car to outshine your BFF’s new ride. As long as you take pride in your vehicle, keep it clean and functioning, and even offer rides, your friends and other passengers will no doubt be impressed.