You probably have seen an oriental rug. It is a heavy textile commonly found in Oriental countries. It creates an ambiance of upscale beauty, elegance, and artistry. This rug has a high aesthetic value, but so does the care and maintenance. Below are some of the easy ways to keep your oriental rugs looking brand new.

Oriental Rugs – How To Keep Them Looking Brand New? - rugs, cleaning

Avoid direct heat of the sun

The rays of the sun are extremely damaging to the color of the rug. It can cause the dye in the rug to fade over time. So, as much as possible, you have to avoid placing the rug in an area with direct sunlight.

Rotate the rug regularly

Ideally, rugs should be rotated every one or two years, but when it comes to oriental rugs, rotating them every two months is a must. By rotating the rug, you will be able to distribute the traffic equally, which will give your rug a more uniform look.

Vacuum-clean the rug

Rugs are prone to dust and dirt and so it is just right to vacuum-clean them. However, Oriental rug, especially situated in heavily trafficked areas need regular vacuuming. A tip when vacuuming an oriental rug – turn off the beater bar to prevent the possibility of runs and tears, especially in the delicate parts of the rug.

Flip the rug

Oriental rugs usually have fringes on the end and they can get twisted and tangled over time. When releasing the tangles, make sure you do not comb them as it could cause damage to the rug’s natural fibers. You can easily straighten the fringe by simply flipping the rug end over end. Just grab the end of the carpet and walk it over the other end.

Spot cleaning

Rugs are prone to stains, especially if it is situated in heavily trafficked areas of the house. Immediately clean spills using a dry cloth. For stains, use only clean water to cleanse the stain. As much as possible, you do not use soap, bleach, and other abrasive cleaning products as they can damage the quality of the fabric. For tough stains, it is best to hire the service of professional recommended Oriental rug cleaning service in NYC. Such companies have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to thoroughly clean even the most delicate fiber.

Use padding

Putting padding beneath the rug can help prevent wrinkling, thus, keeping the rug in its shape. It makes the rug safe and comfortable to walk on.

Wipe the rug regularly

When cleaning the surface of the rug, you have to use a sponge or cloth dampened with cold water.  It is effective in removing surface dust and keep the rugs looking clean and fresh.

Air it out

Rugs are prone to moisture build-up, which can be a perfect spot for mold and mildew. It is the reason why your rug smells awful. It would help a lot if you are going to dry your rug outside. Do every six months or so, especially if the rug is located in areas where spills are prominent.

Consider professional rug washing and cleaning

If the rug is heavily soiled with dirt, the best thing to do is to have it professionally cleaned and washed. Ideally, oriental rugs should be professionally washed every two years to restore their natural fibers. Rugs, especially oriental rugs aren’t cheap and it is just right to have it cleaned and maintained regularly. It would cost you money but by having it cleaned professionally once in a while, you will be able to extend the life of your rug.