What is the importance of mobile app design in 2018? Can mobile development benefit your business? And how exactly?

Mobile app development is quite a controversial topic to talk about. While some entrepreneurs claim it can benefit any business in a really good manner, others believe that it is only a waste of money. So who’s right? And how to implement a mobile app development service in your own business? Let’s have a look.

Mobile App Development: Things You Should Know in 2018 - smartphone, mobile, development, customers, app


Mobile App Development: Good or Bad?

Do you know why it has never been a better time to create your own app than now, even if you’re a successful entrepreneur in the industry, which doesn’t relate to mobile devices only?

The rapidly growing importance of smartphones and tablets in day-to-day life made it. Mobiles have reached those spheres of our life they’ve never reached before, replacing old-fashioned ways of running a business.

Want to attract more customers? Think about mobile platform. Want potential customers to find you anywhere? Think about mobile platform. Of course, you may ask about laptops and websites, created to reach audiences in the way, which is very similar to this one. But 2018 is all about mobile computing. Of course, having a mobile app doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. Now, these two platforms are equally important. You can’t be sure that you reach the same number of people if having a mobile app only. The same way you can’t guarantee this if you have a website only. But having an app provides your audiences with the ability to reach you from anywhere without the need to rush to their laptops and computers.

Believe it or not, but a simple application can boost your business up to 80-85%. Impressive, isn’t it? People spend more time on their smartphones than laptops now. Why?

Using a mobile app is more attractive than reaching your official website (even if it is available through the mobile as well) because it is:

  • Faster;
  • More comfortable;
  • And more informative with the number of additional functions existing in applications specifically. For example, news alerts, updates, new arrivals, notifications, etc.

Mobile App Development: Things You Should Know in 2018 - smartphone, mobile, development, customers, app


Mobile applications help customers to monitor their favorite services and companies without additional efforts. Those applications do everything themselves. The only thing required from a customer is to download an app. In other words, it is a small program, which replaces a lot of stuff. It is like a digital business card for your company.

Some entrepreneurs stay away from mobile development because of the expenses they believe they will spend on implementing this in their companies. But have you ever thought what you might lose in a year or two if not keeping up with the times and sticking to old-fashioned ways of running a business only? If you have no app now, it may result in closing down your business in a couple of years.

Almost any business model is already somehow related to mobile and computer development. And what about yours?