If you’re keen to get out and explore the world but long-term travel just isn’t an option at the moment, don’t fear! You can still enjoy the travel buzz and make the most of your time on earth by using your annual leave wisely and really embracing your weekends. It’s too easy to slip into a routine of work, eat, sleep and by the time the weekend comes around you’re too tired to contemplate leaving the house. It’s time to shake that routine off! You won’t look back in years to come and remember all those fun times you had on your sofa (ok maybe you will, who are we to judge) but you WILL certainly recall weekends away, new travel experiences and memories from your adventures no matter how grand.

Making the Most of a Weekend Getaway - weekend, research, hotel deals, getaway, freebies

Booking just one day off of work can give you a solid three nights somewhere new, whether you decide to explore more of your own country or book a city break abroad. There’s lots of opportunity here and it’s important to remember you don’t have to jump on a long-haul flight to fully embrace the wonders of travel.

Here’s how to make the most of your weekend getaway…

Be Smart with Annual Leave

If you’re a full-time employee of a company then try and be smart with your annual leave. You can read some of the impressive ways people online have managed to stretch their 16 days off to a staggering 34. Coinciding trips with Bank Holidays is a good option, and make sure you always take what you are entitled to. If you’re keen to take more breaks but can’t see yourself becoming a digital nomad anytime soon, you could negotiate a flexible working agreement or work from home instead.

Research Before You Set Off

Once you’ve decided on your destination, researching the area before you go is absolutely key if you want to make the most of your limited hours there. You don’t want to waste time frantically googling the best restaurants and attractions in the area. Knowledge is power! Be in the know before you head off so that you can pack more into your weekend. Downloading handy apps such as Foursquare will enable you to find out what other people are saying about the area too.

Compare Hotel Deals

You don’t want your weekend getaway to break the bank, especially if this is going to become a regular event. Make sure you use an online comparison tool to compare hotel prices before you book. This could save you some serious cash which could go towards more important things, like a round of beers! Keep an eye on hotel prices, you might find they drop last minute and you could bag yourself a real bargain.

Enjoy a Few Freebies

Travel is often deemed a luxury and unaffordable for many, but travel doesn’t always have to be expensive! There are lots of ways to keep costs down, and one of them is by researching free attractions and offer days for landmarks, museums, galleries and theatres. You’ll often find museums and galleries are free entry, or they offer a reduced entry fee on certain days. This is where your prior research will come in handy!