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It can be difficult as a guy to feel stylish, there is so much out there in the world of men’s fashion that you just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing and it can leave you feeling a bit perplexed. It’s best to just ignore the trendsetters and find an individual style that makes you feel confident. To make your casual look feel more stylish, here are a few simple tips you can use to help smarten up your look.

Casual means going out for a few drinks with the lads, not watching Netflix at home, that’s pyjama territory. So how do you find the perfect balance of making casual feel stylish? Start by asking yourself how you want people to see you, are you a boy or a gentleman now and if the answer is a gent then you need to shape things up. Even if it just means ditching that jumper with the weird photo on it for a plain jumper, it’s an improvement. Graphic t-shirts and jumpers just come across as immature and you don’t want to look like someone who is refusing to grow up. Illusive London have some basic sweatshirts that are perfect for that casual but stylish feel. They have a slightly worn effect around the edges that adds to the ‘I’m not trying too hard’ vibe.  

You can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt when it comes to looking casual. The white shirt has been around for years and for good reason, it’s one of popular culture’s most iconic looks. However, a white shirt could be verging on smart unless you find cotton material that’s really thick or more of a flannel material. If you’re feeling daring you could also risk a more exotic white shirt without a collar (sometimes called a granddad collar) but only if you feel confident wearing it. The beauty of a white shirt is that you can pair it with anything and it will still look good whether that’s jeans, chinos or your favourite pair of shorts, your white shirt will be there for you.

So you know what works on your body but you’re confused when it comes to casual shoes. A boot that was a big hit in 2016 was the Desert Boot, not too smart but just the right amount of structure, a Desert Boot is the perfect addition to your casual outfit. You can also hang onto your casual trainers, as they are still very much the perfect staple for a casual outfit. Just make sure if it’s trainers you’re going for, they’re minimalist, anything too flashy can draw the attention away from the rest of the outfit.