Which knitted garments are in trend? What is fashionable and unusual to knit or order from a needlewoman? How to wear and with what to combine knitted things? You can not just take and get a knitted shawl from your grandmother’s chest, you need to see how brand designers recommend styling knitted items, and what shapes and styles are relevant.

The most unexpected knitting trends:

  • Suits with short skirts.
  • Knitted sleeves.
  • Mesh on top of dress, pants, skirt.
  • Crocheted trousers.
  • Sweaters and dresses from angora.

Knitted decorations on clothes


Machine knitting is different from hand knitting, niche brands produce high-quality knitwear, but they are expensive. How to add a trend to images without huge material costs? Decorate your clothes with knitted elements:

  • Knitted hood at the dress.
  • Crochet collar.
  • Sewn-on yarn pockets.
  • Belt at the waist.

The decor does not necessarily have to be clear and functional, it can be geometric shapes randomly sewn onto black fabric.

Knitted suits with long sleeves


Thin cardigans are back in fashion. Jeans look banal, but with a short skirt, rough boots, and a chain on the belt, they look original. If the figure allows, the upper part of the suit can be shortened. If you wear a trench coat on top of a suit with a short top, you don’t have to worry about an open strip on your stomach.