Upon reading this article, you will learn some tips and tricks on how to coordinate your jewelry to your outfit. Find out more below!

For some, it could be frustrating to pick the perfect outfit, right? But what’s more frustrating is to select the right jewelry that will go along with your outfit. Well, it is great to have choices but make sure that what your outfit complements the jewelry you will wear too. Luckily In today’s digital age you can shop luxury jewelry online at many retailers.

Jewelry and Outfit: How to Perfectly Match Them? - statement earrings, skin tone, match, jewelry, fashion

In connection to that, there are some ways that you might consider in matching your outfit to your jewelry. They are as follow:

The jewelry should match with the occasion

If you are typing on a keyboard, then dangling wrist jewelry doesn’t work so well. Also, skip the bangles as well as hanging bracelets once you are dressing for work. Choosing the jewelry for the church shouldn’t be the same as how you opt for an evening club occasion. Simply consider where you are going, the things you are doing and how the jewelry comes off to those onlookers.

Statement earrings can highlight the face

You might have the best dress, but once you want to highlight your face, you can wear a pair of statement earrings. It could be the glittery and flashy ones that would highlight your face. Consider the shape of your face and the right pair that will bring the most of your face.

For example, if you have heart-shaped faces then consider drop earrings which will not taper at the bottom. Or if you have oval faces, consider triangular and stud earrings to show your cheekbones.

Those busy patterns and simple jewelry will go hand in hand

Using flashy and loud jewelry could muddy a busy print, no matter how great it is. Wild jewelry and busy prints might get gaudy fast. So, it is recommended to consider solid bracelets, earrings, and watches rather than showy accessories.

The material of the outfit must also be considered. Once the wardrobe has ruffled or heavily stitched fabric, the ornate jewelry could come off just as tacky as it is on the busy print.

Choose jewelry that compliments the skin tone

Of course, the jewelry must not just go with your outfit, but it should also highlight the skin tone. Silver is considered as a standard metal which illuminates most natural tones. On the other hand, gold also goes especially with those with darker hair and matte skin.

Those with cooler skin tones might go well with gems which are purple, blue and red. It could also be an excellent choice if you’ll consider white gold. And lastly, the ones with warmer skin tomes could nicely go with orange, green and yellow gemstones plus yellow metals.

Diamonds serve as girl’s best friend

Indeed, diamonds go with almost anything. If you are not sure on how to coordinate jewelry with your outfit, then grab a pair of diamonds. The classic white diamond could act as a prism under the light that would should off all the colors which make up its composition.

White, black and gold

You should make sure to coordinate jewelry which is gold or black, powerful and simple statements in themselves, with classic and simple attire. If you are wearing little black cocktail dress, it will do well with onyx gemstones or bright gold jewelry.  Or if you wear a plain and simple dress, pick black gems and gold metal. You should know when to use white, black and gold to coordinate with your outfit.


Of course, you want to look at your best. And it could be through wearing the best outfit along with picking the right jewelry. For some, matching the jewelry to the outfit seems a difficult task, however, if you know some of the basic rules or ways, it would be a lot easier to grab the right piece of jewelry. The ideas discussed earlier will help you a lot in showing the best of you, in different occasions that you will attend to.

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