With the festive season right around the corner yet again, most of us are anticipating the opportunity to end 2020 on a high note. There’s no doubt the year has been strenuous and heavy on us all; with the effects of the pandemic dampening the vast majority of 2020. Fortunately, Christmas has not been cancelled, serving as the perfect opportunity to bring your family together to celebrate prosperity. However, if you are hoping to plan a joyous occasion that differs uniquely from your previous family festive events, you might find the following ideas quite appealing.

Incredibly Festive Family Event Ideas - interior design, festive, event, decor, Christmas

Twinkling Tunnels And Enchanting Garden Lights

No festive event is complete without Christmas decor, although, indoor decor can only brighten up a room so much. Rather than hosting the average indoor dinner party for your family this year, you could create a magically festive outdoor evening event, you can ease the stress of budgeting by renting outdoor Christmas decor. Including concepts like twinkling tunnels to walk through and light-up reindeer ornaments will brighten up your garden at night, you should also include spaces that are photo-friendly. Your guests will find the experience enchanting and memorable. You can also consider festive cocktails and meal ideas to compliment the theme.

Casual Morning Picnic

While the festive seasons stirs so much excitement, it is also well-known for being a stressful time of the year. If you are inclined to feel the standard formal Christmas dinner party is quite stressful, toning down the scene is a great idea. However, you won’t want to neglect festive elements, which is why your goal should be to tone down formalities while including decor to set the tone of the event. An outdoor picnic in the morning air will have everyone feeling lighthearted and relaxed while celebrating family and all things Christmas. If your garden area is not large enough to host a festive morning picnic, there are tons of suitable venues to consider that won’t cost much at all.

Festive Movie Night

There’s no reason you can’t break away from some Christmas event norms and hosting a festive movie night is an excellent way to break away without losing the essence of the season. You will need to make your living room area as comfortable as you can, and decorating may feel a bit challenging at first. However, you can place a few floor cushions strategically and make use of decor cushions and blankets to add to the atmosphere. Add some Christmas wall decor, select a favored iconic festive film, and prepare enough snack assortment to suit everyone’s preferences.

Incredibly Festive Family Event Ideas - interior design, festive, event, decor, Christmas

Plan The Event Together

Planning the perfect festive family event can be stressful, especially when considering everyone’s preferences and schedules. However, by planning together and altering elements of the events accordingly, your event will be exceptionally unique. In addition to this, you should also focus your attention towards preparing the event to uphold the element of intimacy; as Christmas is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Since this year will be harder to see all your family and friends, send holiday cards to brighten up their season.