Do you always sleep in different positions or do you have a real favorite sleeping position? Then it reveals more about your personality than you might think. Researchers have found that people who like a certain sleeping position share some personality traits.


It is the sleep specialist and researcher Chris Idzikowski who has investigated whether our sleeping positions have a connection with our personality. He distributed a survey to 1000 Britons and each participant had to answer how they prefer to sleep and then describe their personality. The survey included a list of adjectives, the participants had to fill in which ones agreed with their personality. He concluded that those who liked the same position and had matching personality traits. Below you can see what he came up with, but we have to take his research with a grain of salt as Idzikowski himself has said that it is only for entertainment and that he did it for fun. We like entertainment and finding out more or less true things about ourselves!

Fetal position

This was the most common position, with 41 percent sleeping this way. According to the research, these people were hard on the surface but soft on the inside. They also described themselves as shy and required time before becoming comfortable with new people.

The stock

15 percent said they slept on their side with straight arms along their sides. The people who slept this way described themselves as friendly, carefree, and social.

Side position

They slept on their side with outstretched arms and were one of the most common positions (13 percent). Idzikowski described them as both open and cynical, indecisive and stubborn.

Supine position


8 percent chose to sleep on their backs and were described as quiet and reserved. They often set high demands on themselves and their surroundings.

Free fall

Do you like sleeping on your stomach? Then you belong to this group. It was 7 percent who liked to sleep on their stomach with their arms around the pillow and their head to one side. These were described in the report as sociable and cheeky. They were also sensitive to criticism and were vulnerable.

The starfish

5 percent identified with this position. It involves you lying on your back and spreading your arms and legs in all directions. People who slept like this were good listeners and helpful friends.