While this time of year marks spending more time indoors, cozied up by a fire with nice hot cocoa, it also means a lot of invites to events, both personal and professional. It’s easy to get stuck in the humdrum leggings, sweaters, and boot look – which, trust us, has its place for sure; but it’s also fun to get jazzed up and look your festive and best at all the parties. After all, while some choose to wear sequins and bedazzled looks year-round, the holidays are the one time of year where it’s not only expected but you can go crazy without looking over the top.

How To Win "Best Dressed" At Every Holiday Party - party, holiday, crown, best dressed

Having a capsule wardrobe or uniform dressing is wise for the day-to-day, but who doesn’t want to be considered best dressed in every holiday party picture that ends up on socials? So, without further ado, let’s make sure you know just how to nail it this season, no matter the event!

Accessories Are Everything

As a sartorial siren, you likely have your finger on the pulse for the latest in jewelry trends every single year, but accessories go far beyond just jewelry. Holiday parties are all about glitz, glamour, sparkle, and shine, so having fun blingy pieces is necessary. But, you also need to take into account your designer purses. Are you going with a beaded or metallic clutch? Do you have kids in tow and need a more oversized tote style? Make sure you accessorize your outfit and have it on point from every angle. After all, they are the cherry on top of what you’re wearing.

Shoes, But Seasonal

Winter and the holiday season are the time to don your Uggs without looking frumpy, but when you’re going for best dressed at a holiday party, no matter how formal, leave the chunky boots at home. Opt for a more festive metallic flat or even a sequined heel. If the weather is frigid, you can layer some fun tights or hose to keep yourself warm. And remember, sometimes in fashion, there’s a sacrifice – you’re not going to party outdoors, so let your ankles stay chilly for a minute and keep the boots at home.

Sparkling Statements Win, Every Time

As mentioned earlier, this is the time of year where you can dress head to toe in glitz, and no one will give you a second glance – at least not in a negative way. So, if you’re heading to an evening event, opt for an all-over jeweled bodycon dress, or pair a metallic blouse with a high-waisted sequined skirt. Another look that’s in right now is metallic or sequined suits. Making a statement with sparkles makes you stand out in the best possible way. You’ll look phenomenal in all the photographs from the night. One bonus of wearing glitzy clothing is you can subdue your makeup if you’re in a rush or if makeup isn’t your thing. A swipe of mascara and a classic bold red lip will do just the trick!

Don’t Forget Your Crown

Uou’re perfectly welcome to wear a literal crown or a tiara to any party – how fun is that? What we’re referencing here is your hair. The holiday season is in no shortage of fun styles if you do a quick Google search for what’s “in” this year. If you’re someone that struggles with more complicated up-dos and braids, you can always look up tutorials on Youtube – or, if you’ve got the budget go to a salon and have them do it for you, or at least give you a blowout. Your hair is the crowning glory of your look, so don’t neglect it and throw up your usual messy bun or high ponytail. You’re going for best dressed here.

Holiday parties are an excellent time to catch up with coworkers and friends that you don’t get to see or connect with on a more regular basis. And, after the last couple of years, we all deserve to go all out and get dressed up like we’re walking the red carpet. So, make sure you utilize the tips mentioned above to be best dressed this year. Cheers!