When you wake up in the morning, there’s little worse than stumbling bleary-eyed from bed to bathroom, only to be confronted with a face that looks drier and flakier than a Ryvita in the middle of a sandstorm.

Whilst you look in the mirror, in between gnashing your teeth, caterwauling like a feline with its tail stuck in a mousetrap and praying for divine intervention, there’s a frantic grab for the contents of your makeup bag.

Put simply, this all too frequent desperation simply will not do.

In an effort to cover up your arid face before your boss and boyfriend both give you the elbow, you’ve tried every skincare treatment under the sun, all to no avail. But prevention is often better than cure, so follow these top tips (below) and put a stop to dry skin for good …


Let Some Moisture In

It may sound obvious, but putting an end to dry skin involves much more than splashing water on your face and getting on with your day. Instead, you must be prepared to moisturise with military-like precision.

However, if your skin is particularly sensitive, it’s important to avoid moisturisers that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol. Why? Because they’re likely to make your skin worse over time, so choose a natural moisturiser to keep your face in tiptop condition.

Choose Mineral Makeup

In an effort to cover up your dry skin, you’ve no doubt tried every makeup on the market – but most seem to make your parched skin even worse. However, by opting for a natural makeup, you can hide imperfections without contributing to dryness.

When it comes to mineral powder, you can be sure it’s free from added nasties , which means your skin will be allowed to breathe, offering you a more natural look that won’t have you glancing in the mirror in despair.


It’s Good to Sweat

When you’re already suffering a bad skin day, the last thing you need is to look sweatier than Johnny Vegas running a marathon – but, surprisingly, working up a sweat is an ideal way to keep your skin moisturised.

“How is this possible?” we hear you cry! Well, the sebaceous glands, which are your skin’s natural moisture producers, tend to slow down when you’re colder, so by getting your sweat on, it’s the perfect way to give your skin the hydration it craves.

Now it’s over to you …

Do you suffer from dry skin? Have you ever used any of the methods above in an attempt to sort it? Whatever your experience, please get in touch and let us know your story – we’d be delighted to hear from you.